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BC.Game Crash Predictor – These Are The Strategies & Tricks To Win

Last Updated on 23/05/2024

Crash games are popular, and BC.Game Crash is a standout. It’s part of the BC Original series, where you predict how high the multiplier curve goes before crashing.

Although this game looks simple, it’s engaging, has a high RTP of 99% and I could play games with little effort using the Auto Cash-out feature. While the lack of a demo mode is a disadvantage, the low minimum bet amount of just 0.0000001 BTC means you don’t need to spend much to try it.

But are there any tricks or BC.Game crash predictors that can help you win?

Pros and cons of BC.Game Crash

BC.Game Crash is a BC Original, meaning you can’t find it on other sites. Like all games, Crash has its strengths and weaknesses. While playing, I learned that the game utilizes Provably Fair technology to get random and unbiased results. Seeing as all results are random, any BC.Game Crash hack is fake. Crash has a low 1% house edge and high 99% RTP meaning you get more in the long run. Another important advantage of playing Crash is its 1,000,000x max win and the low 0.0000001 BTC min bet. However, it’s not all fun and games as the lack of a demo option is a significant disadvantage for newbies.

Here’s a summary of the pros and cons of playing Crash at BC.Game:

BC.Game Crash
  • Exclusive BC Original Crash game
  • High 99% RTP
  • 1,000,000x maximum win
  • Provably Fair technology for fair and random results
  • No demo mode for this game

Overview of BC.Game Crash – Features and gameplay

Like most crash games, BC.Game Crash requires cashing out before the multiplier on the screen crashes. Before starting a round, players get six seconds to place their bets. The multiplier starts at 1.00x on each round and increases the longer the round goes. While you can cash out anytime during a round, the multiplier determines the final payout. For example, if you bet 0.0000002 BTC and cash out when the multiplier is at 2.00x, your final payout will be 0.0000004 BTC.

However, it’s important to note that the multiplier can crash any time during a round. If the multiplier crashes before you cash out, you lose the amount you wagered during that round. When I played Crash, I used the Auto Cash-out feature to automatically cash out when the multiplier reached the number I chose. I found that this feature significantly improved my Crash gaming experience.

During my review, I discovered that Crash has a unique variant, Trendball. When using Trendball, you can place bets on three possible outcomes – RED, GREEN, or MOON. If the Crash multiplier crashes at less than 2.00x, RED bets win. However, if the multiplier crashes at 2.00x or above, GREEN bets win. Lastly, if the multiplier crashes at 10.00x or above, MOON bets win. The best part? I could play Crash and Trendball individually or simultaneously.

Myth Busting: Why BC.Game Crash Predictors Don’t Work

The internet is rife with “guaranteed” BC.Game Crash predictor software and strategies promising to forecast the game’s outcome. Let’s be blunt: these claims are demonstrably false.

BC.Game Crash utilizes provably fair technology, a cryptographic system that guarantees the randomness and fairness of each round. This means the multiplier’s trajectory is completely unpredictable. Focusing on “predictors” is a waste of time and resources.

How Does BC.Game Crash Work?

Here’s a breakdown of the basic mechanics:

  1. A rocket ship takes flight: The game begins with a rocket ship soaring across the screen. Alongside it, a multiplier value starts at 1x and steadily increases.
  2. Place your bets: You have a limited window (typically 7 seconds) to place your bet. You can choose your wager amount and the payout multiplier at which you want to cash out (take profit).
  3. Cash out or hold on: As the multiplier climbs, you can choose to “cash out” and secure your winnings at any point. If you hesitate, and the rocket ship explodes, your bet is lost.

Key features of BC.Game Crash

BC.Game Crash contains various features, making it one of the best crash games. Some important features to know before playing are:

House edge1%
Minimum bet0.0000001 BTC
Maximum bet0.8000000 BTC
Auto Cash-outAvailable
Provably Fair technologySHA-256
BC.Game user ratings3.8/5.0

Step-by-step procedure for playing BC.Game Crash

Now that you know how Crash by BC.Game works and its features, how do you start playing? To get started, follow these simple steps:

1. Create your BC.Game account

Before you can start playing Crash, you need to create an account at BC.Game. To sign up, follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit the official BC.Game website or the BC.Game app and click the green Sign Up button
  2. Fill out the registration form using your email or mobile number
  3. Enter a BC.Game promo code, if you have one and wish to use it
  4. Agree to the Terms and Conditions and click the Sign Up button

Alternatively, you can sign up via third-party platforms like Google, Whatsapp, or MetaMask.

2. Make a deposit

After signing up, the next step is to make a deposit. BC.Game is a gaming platform that accepts both cryptocurrency and fiat. Some cryptocurrencies accepted on the platform are Bitcoin, Tether, Ethereum, and Doge. BC.Game also offers MoonPay for players who wish to purchase cryptocurrencies using fiat on the platform.

Follow these simple steps to make a deposit:

  1. Click the Deposit button at the top of your screen
  2. From the screen that pops up, choose the currency you want to deposit
  3. Select your preferred payment method
  4. You’ll be redirected to your preferred payment method’s website, where you have to fill out the login form and confirm the transaction
  5. After the confirmation, your BC.Game account will be credited

It’s important to note that the processing time and associated fees depend on the chosen payment methods. When I deposited using BTC, my gaming account was credited instantly. However, other transaction channels, especially fiat, may take longer.

3. Select BC.Game Crash and set your configurations

It’s time to start playing. You can easily find Crash by searching its title or navigating to the BC Originals page, which contains other Originals, such as BC.Game Dice and Limbo. After the game launches, you have to place your bet. Before the start of each round, players are given seven seconds to place their bets using their preferred currency. I recommend using the min-max bar to make adjusting your wager easy.

4. Start playing with the right BC.Game Crash strategy

At this point, all you have to do is click the Bet button. As I mentioned in the previous point, you have seven seconds to place your bets before the start of each round. During the round, you have to cash out before the multiplier crashes. However, from my experience, clicking cash out during every round can be tiresome. Hence, my best strategy for playing Crash is to use the Auto Cash-out feature.

Using this feature, I could automate the process completely. By setting the Auto Cash-out to 1.50x, I automatically cashed out when the multiplier reached that number. If you want to play Crash with little or no effort, I recommend this strategy.

Best BC.Game Crash Strategy

A solid crash strategy is essential for maximizing your winnings and minimizing your losses. Here are some key strategies to consider:

1. Low Risk Strategy: This involves cashing out early at lower multipliers, such as 1.5x or 2x. While the potential winnings are smaller, the risk of crashing is significantly reduced. This strategy is ideal for beginners or those looking to play it safe.

2. High Risk, High Reward Strategy: For the thrill-seekers, this strategy involves holding out for higher multipliers, such as 10x or even higher. The potential winnings are substantial, but the risk of crashing is also higher. This strategy requires nerves of steel and a willingness to accept potential losses.

3. Martingale Strategy: This classic betting strategy involves doubling your bet after each loss, with the aim of recouping losses and making a profit once you win. While this can be effective, it requires a substantial bankroll and can be risky if you encounter a long losing streak.

4. Reverse Martingale Strategy: This strategy involves doubling your bet after each win, allowing you to capitalize on winning streaks. It’s less risky than the traditional Martingale strategy but still requires careful bankroll management.

5. Automatic Cash Out: Many players set an automatic cash-out point, such as 2x or 3x, to ensure consistent winnings. This removes the emotional aspect of deciding when to cash out and can help you stick to your strategy.

6. The Cautious Climber: This strategy prioritizes minimizing losses and securing consistent small wins.

  • Target Multiplier: 1.1x – 1.2x
  • Bet Amount: Adjust your bet size based on your bankroll and desired profit. A common approach is to allocate a small portion (1-2%) of your bankroll per bet.
  • Cash Out Timing: Cash out as soon as the multiplier reaches your target range (e.g., 1.15x). Consistency is key with this approach.

7. The Balanced Flyer: This strategy aims for a healthy balance between risk and reward.

  • Target Multiplier: 1.5x – 2.0x
  • Bet Amount: Maintain a moderate bet size (2-5% of your bankroll) to allow for some fluctuation.
  • Cash Out Timing: Be flexible with your cash out point. Sometimes, letting the multiplier climb slightly higher can yield better returns. However, avoid getting greedy and ensure you cash out before a significant drop.

8. The High Roller: This strategy is for experienced players comfortable with taking on more risk for potentially explosive wins.

  • Target Multiplier: 5x+
  • Bet Amount: Allocate a smaller portion of your bankroll (1% or less) per bet due to the higher risk involved.
  • Cash Out Timing: Employ the “Martingale” strategy (explained later) or a variation of it for potentially high returns, but be aware of the inherent risks.

Advanced Crash Strategies

For those looking to take their crash game to the next level, here are some advanced strategies to consider:

  1. Kelly Criterion: This mathematical formula calculates the optimal bet size based on your bankroll and the perceived edge in a particular game. However, applying this formula to BC.Game Crash requires advanced understanding and comes with inherent risks.
  2. Utilizing Rainbot: BC.Game offers a unique feature called Rainbot, which randomly distributes cryptocurrency to players in the chat. You can leverage this feature by setting a small auto cashout amount and hoping to win Rainbot while the multiplier climbs, potentially maximizing your profits.
  3. Utilizing Autoplay with Caution: BC.Game Crash offers an autoplay feature that allows you to set specific parameters for your bets. This can be helpful for implementing strategies like the Martingale or Anti-Martingale. However, be mindful of setting appropriate win and loss limits to avoid excessive risk.

5 expert tips for playing BC.Game Crash

Although playing Crash should be fun and engaging, that’s not always the case when you’re on a losing streak. To ensure you get the best gaming experience, I’ve compiled a list of useful tips for playing Crash, such as:

Use the Auto Cash-out feature

When playing Crash, I recommend utilizing the Auto Cash-out feature. A poor internet connection might cause problems when you want to cash out. Also, your command might reach the main game server when the multiplier has already crashed. Playing with the Auto Cash out feature prevents such occurrences. Even if something happens during a round, this feature will automatically cash out for you.

Avoid BC.Game Crash predictor sites

Although many websites claim to predict Crash’s results, it’s impossible. BC.Game uses Provably Fair technology to ensure all results are random. A complex algorithm is used to determine game outcomes, so it’s impossible to predict what number the multiplier stops at.

Hence, I advise players to avoid sites that claim to offer any BC.Game Crash predictor APK. These are usually fake apps created to steal personal and financial information from any device they’re installed on.

Check the BC.Game promotions page

Many gaming platforms offer various bonuses and promotions including BC.Game free spins and cash bonuses. Utilizing these rewards can improve your gaming experience.

Keep your bets small

When playing Crash, it’s easy to get carried away and make poor decisions. One common mistake players make is placing large bets. While large bets usually mean larger payouts, it comes with a greater risk. During a round, the multiplier might crash at any moment. If it crashes before you cash out, you lose your whole wager. I recommend placing small bets. If the multiplier crashes before you cash out, you only lose that little wager.

Avoid chasing your losses

It’s easy to chase losses when playing Crash. Due to the relatively fast-paced gameplay, you might try to make up for your losses. When you try to recover what you’ve lost, you might lose even more. So, practising safe gambling is always best. Always start gaming with a clear head, know when to take a break and set yourself some limits.

Conclusion – An exciting BC Original

After exploring BC.Game Crash features and game mechanics, it’s no wonder Crash games are taking the online gaming community by storm. Boasting a high 99% RTP and a low minimum bet limit, many players consider it to be the best BC.Game Original. With the innovative Auto Cash-out feature, you can enjoy this Crash game with little or no effort. If you’re looking for a simple yet engaging game, Crash by BC.Game might be the perfect match for you.

BC.Game Crash FAQs

🧐 Can I predict BC.Game Crash results?

No, you can’t predict BC.Game Crash results. BC.Game utilizes Provably Fair Technology to ensure that Crash game results are random and unpredictable.

📱 Can I download BC.Game Crash on my mobile device?

No, the game can’t be downloaded, but you can play Crash on your mobile device by installing the BC.Game mobile app, or accessing the mobile website with your favored browser.

🔎 Can I play BC.Game Crash using fiat currencies?

Yes, you can play Crash using fiat. Besides cryptocurrencies, BC.Game accepts various fiat currencies that you can exchange for cryptos using MoonPay directly on the BC.Game platform.

👀 Can I play BC.Game Crash using JB Coins?

Yes, you can play Crash at BC.Game using JB Coins. However, note that JB coins have no monetary value, so they aren’t withdrawable. If you want to win real money while playing BC.Game Crash, you must use cryptocurrency.

❓ What is Trendball in BC.Game Crash?

Trendball is a version of Crash where players bet on colors corresponding to specific multipliers. You win if the multiplier crashes in a number range corresponding to the color you bet on. You can play Trendball and Crash individually or simultaneously.

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