Beauty and the Beast are about to hit Disney Dreamlight Valley

disney dreamlight valley beauty and the beast

The long wait for Belle and her friends is coming to an end as Disney Dreamlight Valley has confirmed that the stars of Beauty and the Beast are coming to the game and even given a release window. 

Disney Dreamlight Valley received its most recent update on July 19, which was a while ago by games-as-service standards. After the developer roadmap was revealed earlier this year, fans knew that Belle would be coming sometime in September. The Disney Dreamlight Valley team is set to make good on those plans.

The roadmap displays Belle and another character standing by a door with a rose on it. It is obvious by the image that players will be getting a whole Beauty and the Beast-themed realm, which players can only assume would be the Beast’s castle. 

disney dreamlight valley belle beauty and the beast

When will Belle and Beast be in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

Gameloft has confirmed that Belle and the Beast will arrive in Disney Dreamlight Valley in September 2023. There is no exact release date as of this writing.

Disney Dreamlight Valley normally receives updates every other month, meaning this one could be bigger than expected if it combines Beauty and the Beast with a Halloween update. That said, the title of this update is “Enchanted Adventure,” which definitely suggests it will be focused on Beauty and the Beast.

The update might not come out for another week or two, considering it was only recently teased. However, the developers have been known to announce an update is coming just a day or two before its arrival, so it could come sooner than that.

What to expect from the next Disney Dreamlight Valley update

It is unknown what will come in Disney Dreamlight Valley’s Beauty and The Beast update beyond its two lead characters.

The roadmap does show that players will be getting another Halloween-themed Star Path, which a lot probably guessed after the success of last year’s event. However, it isn’t known whether the Halloween Star Path will launch in September or later in October, meaning fans could see two updates this fall. 

Beyond a possible new Star Path in the September update, Disney Dreamlight Valley players will be welcomed in by Beast and Belle, which also means they will need room in their valley for two new villagers. It isn’t known yet what their houses will look like. Players are guessing they will be the Beast’s castle and Belle’s cottage, which would fit the theme of the update well.

With the welcoming of new characters, there will also be new quests for players to complete. Since the first chapter storyline was completed in the last update, it isn’t known whether the next set of quests will be the beginning of Chapter 2’s storyline. While Hollywood and other Disney game operations are dealing with both active and potential strikes, there’s still plenty to enjoy in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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