Stardew Valley: What you can and should do during green rain

stardew valley green rain

The Stardew Valley 1.6 update has introduced a great deal of new content including the anomalous weather event known as green rain, but what does it do and how does it work?

Along with other additions like livestock-focused meadowlands farms and a variety of new jellies, green rain brings a degree of freshness to the game. Green rain bathes everything in a greenish tint, even building interiors. While not harmful in any way, despite the apocalyptic look it gives Pelican Town, there are many boons that can be gained from it.

Here’s everything that can be done when green rain does happen in Stardew Valley 1.6.

What does green rain do in Stardew Valley?

Green rain weather events will spawn new types of trees, sprout weeds everywhere, and influence the behavior of NPCs.

On the day of green rain, the TV will display nothing but greenish static. Outside, the aftermath of green rain will be unmistakable. There will be an abundance of moss on most trees and fiddlehead fern will be found practically everywhere. Tree saplings may fully mature too.

The entire valley will have a jungle ambiance, with vines and weeds everywhere. Most of the villagers will remain indoors and will congregate at Gus’ Stardrop Saloon, which is open all day. Demetrius will be outside in a hazmat suit probing the anomaly while Linus doesn’t seem to care at all. All normally accessible buildings will remain that way but ignore regular operating hours.

The next day, the green tint will be gone and green rain trees will have reverted to normal. The weeds and giant vines will disappear entirely. The behaviors and schedules of villagers will go back to usual as well. 

What to do when green rain happens

During green rain, Stardew Valley players should look to forage and harvest rare resources and seeds.

Since green rain is rare and only lasts a day, it’s important to prioritize certain tasks and accomplish as much as possible before bedtime. The main goal is to gather as much moss and as many fiddlehead ferns as possible.

Green Rain Tree
One of the two trees that spawn in green rain.

While moss is collectible with the axe or scythe elsewhere, even without green rain, having it available in the valley and in such abundance is much more convenient. The same is true for fiddlehead ferns, which can be gathered by chopping down the large vines that appear across Stardew Valley during green rain with an axe. The mossy seeds that fall will be useful for growing more of the green rain trees after the event itself.

The weeds that appear during green rain are a great source for large quantities of mixed seeds, mixed flower seeds, mossy seeds, moss, and fiber. Weeds are easily harvested with the scythe. If time permits, then a visit to the Stardrop Saloon is in order, as this is the perfect opportunity to socialize, while much of the village is gathered in one convenient location.

How to make green rain happen

Green rain occurs randomly in Stardew Valley and is not known to be influenced by anything, even the Rain Totem.

The only predictable aspect of green rain is that it will only ever occur during Summer, and will happen at least once in that season. The day before it happens, the weather report on the TV will state something about an anomalous reading without elaborating further.

Ultimately, players cannot force green rain events to happen. All they can do is make the most of them when they occur.

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