Get an early look at Beetle, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2’s 1st DLC villain

Janice Lincoln as the Beetle art in Spider-Man comics

Concept art showing the Beetle’s new design for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 has leaked online, revealing their new look as well as those for other upcoming DLC characters.

People are still sifting through the data from the Insomniac Games leak four months after the inciting incident. The roadmap for Insomniac Games spanned an entire decade and fittingly, data miners found pitches and concept art for games well into 2030. The latest discoveries include the potential launch of three upcoming DLCs for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

The DLC is seemingly set to include the debut of Carnage, Beetle, and a host of Spider-Verse movie villains. While fans got a good look at Carnage during the story of Spider-Man 2, Beetle had no such teaser. The concept art should reveal more context about the Beetle Infestation DLC.

Who is the Beetle in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2?

The Beetle is a classic villain from across Spider-Man media.

spider-man and the beetle

Like many minor but longstanding comic book villains, there have been many iterations of the character over the years. Their origin stories vary but the character is consistently a villain who proves threatening through their access to powerful armor. The Beetle has also fought against a long list of other superheroes including Iron Man and the Fantastic Four.

How the villain procures their armor varies. The original version of the character is shown to be a technical genius who built it himself, but many of his successors come upon their gear through other means.

Which Beetle will appear in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2?

Leaks suggest that the original and modern iterations of the Beetle, Abner Jenkins and Janice Lincoln respectively, will appear in the upcoming Beetle Infestation DLC for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

Abner Jenkins was the first villain to don the Beetle mantle. In the comics, he is currently Mach-X of the Thunderbolts. Janice Lincoln is the daughter of Lonnie “Tombstone” Lincoln and she currently holds the mantle in mainline Marvel comics.

Insomniac’s interpretation of classic Spider-Man villains tends to vary in how much it pays homage to the classic. Although the leaks teased both Abner and Janice, only Janice’s concept art has been discovered. If this concept art was used for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, the overall design pays homage to the classic look of the Beetle character but blends it with the bulkier, high-tech look of the character in recent Ultimate Spider-Man media. 

Although data miners have not found concept art for Abner’s suit, it may be similar design-wise. After all, Lincoln merely adopted the mantle from Abner, so the initial design had to come from somewhere. The “Beetle Infestation” title could also mean more than two Beetles exist. Abner kept a lot of suits around, and the DLC may have Miles and Peter face off against an entire gang of Beetles.

Data miners also found files related to the Beetle DLC hidden in the latest Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 update, which could mean its release date is near. Of course, it’s also possible for Insomniac to hold off on the release until the PC port’s announcement or some otherevent. Either way, Spider-Man fans have plenty to look forward to as far as DLC goes.  

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