Details revealed on Spider-Man 3 release date, new Venom game

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The Insomniac Games leak continues to grow in scope, revealing major details about the company’s upcoming projects, including a Venom spin-off and an estimated release date for Marvel’s Spider-Man 3.

The ransomware group known as Rhysida was responsible for a heinous hack on the development studio. While there were previously threats of a massive leak of company secrets, they have seemingly followed through on this. This has resulted in everything from employees’ personal information to gameplay footage of the upcoming Wolverine game hitting the internet.

Among the hoards of data leaked by the group, however, was an expansive roadmap of Insomniac’s projects through the end of the decade. Despite not winning any awards, Spider-Man 2 continues to get content updates and has been an undeniable success for the company. It’s no surprise that new Spider-Man games are part of Insomniac’s leaked roadmap.

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Marvel’s Spider-Man 3 release date, Venom spin-off game leaked

Insomniac’s Spider-Man 3 will come out in either 2027 or 2028. Different parts of the leak discuss different plans for the game, with some targeting a 2027 release date while others have it broken into two parts, with the first launching in 2027 while the second launches in 2028. The game could also launch with a separate multiplayer component, something the company is planning for other Marvel games.

Spider-Man 2’s ending set up a sequel, and the extended roadmap for Insomniac development confirms the studio’s plans. The game further fleshed out Insomniac’s roster of both heroes and villains, and there are plenty of both queued up for the company to use in “the final chapter.” While 2028 is far in the future, fans will have something to chew on before then.

Insomniac is also creating a Venom spin-off game, which it estimates to release in fall 2025. The subtitle “Lethal Protector” implies that this will be a darker version of the established Spider-Man series. Venom is a great bridge between the relatively PG Spider-Man games and the edgier side of Marvel.

What’s the story of Insomniac’s Spider-Man 3?

Marvel’s Spider-Man 3 will likely see Miles Morales partner up with a Spider-Woman to take down a new crew of villains. Warning: major spoilers ahead for Spider-Man 2.

Spider-Man 2 concludes with the core group of friends around Peter Parker and Miles Morales split up. Peter decides to take a break from web-swinging after Harry Osborn is left in a vegetative state. Miles is set to shoulder the Spider-Man burden solo, but the introduction of Cindy Moon, the superheroine Silk, suggests that there will soon be a Spider-Woman to help clean up New York.

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Silk in the Spider-Man comics

On the other side of things, Harry’s condition sends Norman Osborn on an apparent downward spiral towards super-villainy. He is shown seemingly partnering with Doctor Octopus, setting the stage for a team-up between two of the most iconic Spider-Man villains.

No details on the game have been confirmed by Insomniac. Plans could change and some of these plot points could be continued in the Venom spin-off game instead and some of this could hinge on the success of Sony’s other Spider-Man projects. Fans have a long wait ahead until they find out.

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