Spider-Man 2 new game+ delayed, here’s when it comes out now

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Insomniac Games has announced that Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will get many fan-requested features, including a new game plus mode and the ability to replay missions.

Insomniac Games released Spider-Man 2 earlier this year, which was a contender for Game of the Year awards even if it has become a meme for losing every time to Baldur’s Gate 3. While the game polishes things up relative to the previous two entries in the series, some features from its predecessors are missing in the sequel. While those features were meant to be added in post-release content updates, those patches have been delayed.

A tweet from Insomniac not only gives a timeframe for when fans can expect the next major Spider-Man 2 update but also lists the major additions coming to the game. These include several returning features for Spider-Man 2, as well as some new things as well.

When will new game+ come to Marvel’s Spider-Man 2?

It is unknown when new game+ will come to Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, but Insomniac Games says it plans to release major updates to the game in early 2024.

Insomniac previously suggested that an update adding several additional features will be released by the end of 2023. However, the studio states that it has pushed the update back because it wants more time polishing the patch to maintain its standards of quality. 

It now says that it will share more as its updates approach release, including what specific content will be coming. Outside of the official word, a recent leak suggests that Spider-Verse DLC could be coming to the game at some point. The original Marvel’s Spider-Man game had a number of DLC releases alongside the Spider-Man: Miles Morales expansion.

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New game+, tendril color swapping, and mission replays coming to Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

Features like new game+, audio descriptions, the ability to change the time of day, swap tendrils, and replay missions will be coming to Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

New game+ will likely be available after players finish the main campaign, similar to the previous games in the series and games in general. After selecting it, players will be able to go through the game again with all of the upgrades and skills they’ve unlocked for the Spider-Men, along with their total playtime.

Although it hasn’t been specified by the studio yet, fans are speculating that players will only be able to change the time of day after they’ve finished the main story, just as it was in the first Spider-Man game and in Spider-Man: Miles Morales. While not mentioned in the tweet, players may also be able to change the weather like they could in Spider-Man: Miles Morales.

The post states that these additions to the game are “just to name a few.” However, there isn’t any information on what the other features coming in the upcoming Spider-Man 2 update may be.

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