Did a Steam store update reveal the new Resident Evil 5 remake?

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Changes made to Resident Evil 5’s Steam store page suggest that the 2009 Resident Evil franchise entry might be the next to receive the remake treatment.

Capcom’s Resident Evil series seems to have found a winning formula that brings fresh eyes to the series while giving long-time fans a reason to revisit their favorite games, as they’re remade from the ground up. After remaking Resident Evil 2, 3, and 4, fans are wondering if Resident Evil 5 is next in line to get a remake.

Changes made to Resident Evil 5’s Steam store page suggest that Capcom does plan to do something with the game. Because Resident Evil 4 went through similar changes when its remake was announced, a Resident Evil 5 remake may well be on the horizon.

Steam store hints at new RE5

While Capcom has not yet confirmed a new version of RE5, changes to the game’s Steam store page suggest something is in store for it.

Data mining revealed that the description, name, and release date for the 2009 Resident Evil 5 Steam store page were manually removed on February 7, 2024. This change could be to rename the game to differentiate it from a modern-day remake, as something similar happened to the original Resident Evil 4 when its remake was brought to life.

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Upon the release of the Resident Evil 4 remake, which was titled “Resident Evil 4” on Steam, the original game was renamed “Resident Evil 4 (2005)” on digital storefronts including the PlayStation Store and Steam. The recent change to Resident Evil 5’s page could indicate that it will now see something similar.

Capcom has stated that more classic Resident Evil games will get remakes, but excluding Resident Evil Code: Veronica, Resident Evil 5 is what makes the most sense as it would progress the series’ story. The end of the Resident Evil 4 Separate Ways DLC already hinted at the revisiting of RE5 by showing Wesker standing in front of a monitor with a picture of Excella Gionne, a key figure in Resident Evil 5’s story.

Resident Evil 5 remake release date

A release date remains unannounced for the potential Resident Evil 5 remake, but the series’ 30th anniversary could be a target.

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The Resident Evil series has been at an all-time high, especially since Resident Evil 4 remake was nominated for Game of the Year in 2023 and received a Gold Edition in February 2024.

With the 30th anniversary of the iconic franchise approaching in 2026, there’s no doubt that Capcom will want to do something big for the notable milestone. A remake of Resident Evil 5, which originally moved over 14.2 million units, might be the company’s best way to celebrate it.

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