EA Sports UFC 5 is coming, here’s what we know about it

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It’s been 3 years since the release of EA Sports UFC 4 and as the churn of the MMA leader continues fans have begun to wonder when they can expect an EA UFC 5.

Things change quickly in MMA. In the time since EA UFC 4’s release, cover star Jorge Masvidal has retired. The roster has continued to expand and top stars in the game have moved on to spectacle fights with YouTubers, other promotions, or to other divisions. That makes it reasonable to wonder when EA might release the next installment of its hit MMA franchise.

It looks like the wait is coming to an end. The publisher dropped the first piece of concrete news regarding the upcoming release of EA UFC 5, opening the door for analysis of what might be in it and when it will be released.

Is EA UFC 5 Coming Out?

EA Sports UFC 5 was confirmed by a teaser at Gamescom 2023, alongside promises of a full reveal in September.

Little is revealed in the trailer, but it may tease the game’s next cover star. While the trailer doesn’t reveal the face of the athlete who is presumed to be the cover star of the upcoming game, fans have come to a convincing conclusion. The unseen fighter is likely current UFC featherweight champion Alexander “The Great” Volkonovski.

The brief trailer concludes with the title UFC 5, underlined with the hook that a full reveal is coming in September. Additionally, EA has opened registration for an upcoming closed beta for players who want an early taste of the game

When Will EA UFC 5 be released?

EA Sports UFC 5 may come out before the end of 2023, but there is no official release date yet. With the coming of a new entry in the series, fans are hoping for the return of several MMA staples that have been absent from the series since EA took over the license from THQ.

One much-lamented removal was the cumulative damage system, where players could target the opponent’s cuts or damaged features to force a doctor’s stoppage. Other much-desired features include a redesign of the submission system, which EA has still yet to really nail, and a more immersive career mode.

Another potential return would be the much-beloved Pride mode from THQ’s UFC Undisputed 3, which allowed fighters to face off in the iconic Japanese promotion’s ring. That said, the UFC could be set to make more ludicrous inclusions like something involving Power Slap.

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