Elden Ring now has a new owner, here’s what it means for fans

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FromSoftware has taken full control of the Elden Ring IP from the game’s former publisher Bandai Namco since last year, and those waiting for more Elden Ring content now have plenty of reasons to be excited for the future.

FromSoftware is primarily owned by Kadokawa Corporation, with minority stakes held by Tencent Holdings subsidiary Sixjoy Hong Kong and Sony. Over its long history, FromSoftware has had arrangements with a variety of publishers including Sega, Sony Computer Entertainment, and Atlus, while also self-publishing some of its own games in different markets. Most fans will recognize Bandai Namco as FromSoftware’s go-to partner and the company partly owned the Elden Ring brand as a result. That has now changed.

Despite early discussions regarding a TV series or movies, fans haven’t seen much from the Elden Ring IP beyond a comedy manga adaptation called “The Road to the Erdtree.” Alongside this has been a DLC that’s been eagerly awaited for two years.

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The Elden Ring manga

Contrasting this have been statements from FromSoftware’s parent company indicating plans to maximize the IP beyond just DLC and manga. FromSoftware and its ownership group now have full control over what it makes and when it makes it.

Who owns Elden Ring IP?

FromSoftware is now the sole owner of the Elden Ring, according to a new trademark assignment document from the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

According to the USPTO website, ownership of the Elden Ring has completely shifted from Bandai Namco to FromSoftware. This means that FromSoftware, with Kadokawa Corporation as majority shareholder and Tencent and Sony as 16.3% and 14.1% minority shareholders, has full control of the IP with nothing left to Bandai Namco. This move leaves three companies with major media production arms positioned to do whatever they want with the brand.

The post-launch reality of Elden Ring to this point is one of big ideas with no apparent follow-through. This may have specifically been because FromSoftware and Kadokawa were holding back on doing so until having full control of the IP. This also applies to the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC, which has been in development for an unusually long time.

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Will there be an Elden Ring movie or TV series?

Removing Bandai Namco from its ownership of Elden Ring increases the likelihood of series, movies, and new games being created.

Kadokawa Corp has repeatedly told shareholders that it wants to increase the “media mix” around Elden Ring. It’s unclear what this means but the previous indications of traditional media adaptations of Elden Ring loom large with FromSoftware’s current ownership group.

Sony is a major figure in the film industry and Tencent runs one of the biggest video streaming services in China. Meanwhile, Kadokawa Corporation owns several different anime studios, and there have been reports of other FromSoftware IPs getting anime adaptations. With three media giants behind the IP, a movie or anime might not be far-fetched anymore.

Alongside this are other possible new games based on the title. For better or worse, Tencent reportedly plans to expand Elden Ring into the mobile game market. Development of these kinds of spin-offs, as well as a possible sequel, may begin now that FromSoftware independently owns the IP.

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