Every Final Fantasy 16 DLC length, price, and gameplay detail

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The development team behind Final Fantasy 16 has gone into detail about what to expect from the game’s two DLC packs including the upcoming Echoes of the Fallen.

Released exclusively on PlayStation 5 in June, Final Fantasy 16 is an action RPG that is much darker than what fans know from the series. The game was praised for its storytelling and innovative combat design, but many griped about the side quests and world. Some story threads and hints of a missing Eikon also fueled anticipation for a hypothetical DLC in the future, even though the company swore off DLC during the buildup to launch.

Square Enix announced at PAX West 2023 that there will be two paid DLCs for Final Fantasy 16. Director Naoki Yoshida didn’t give many details at the time, except that the DLCs would feature new fighters and powerful enemies to defeat. Now, the first DLC has finally been revealed. There are also details about what players can expect from the second one as well, in a recently released interview.

How long is the Final Fantasy 16 DLC?

The Final Fantasy 16: Echoes of the Fallen DLC is only about 3 hours long, while the second DLC, The Rising Tide, is planned to be eight to 10 hours.

In an interview with Famitsu, the development team announced that the DLCs are designed to expand the world, primarily from Clive’s point of view. They will tell the story of his life and add new and exciting combat challenges for players.

Final Fantasy 16: The Rising Tide DLC will introduce the long-lost Leviathan Eikon and allow Clive to harness its power in his journey. It will expand on the Fallen Civilization that is alluded to on a few occasions and will include several side quests on top of its main story. Game director Naoki Yoshida estimates that the second DLC is equivalent to one big area of the main game.

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Alongside the additional story will be new items to collect. One of the accessories seen in a Japanese screenshot says that players will be able to increase the HP recovery rate during Clive’s Limit Break by 50%, and will allow him to hold his ground even if he dies while the Limit Break state is still in effect.

Final Fantasy 16: The Rising Tide is planned for release in Spring 2024.

How much does FF16 DLC cost?

Final Fantasy 16’s Echoes of the Fallen DLC is available now for $9.99, while the price of The Rising Tide is unknown. Players can reserve it by purchasing the Final Fantasy 16 Expansion Pass, which offers both DLC for $24.99. This means The Rising Tide will cost at least $15.

Yoshida was also asked about other facets of Final Fantasy 16. When asked about the PC version, the director said that it’s still being worked on. The development team for Final Fantasy 16 is also said to have disbanded, except for those working on the DLC, so there are no plans for a sequel or spin-off for Final Fantasy 16 at the moment.

Yoshida clarified that disbanding the team doesn’t mean that he won’t ever be involved in future Final Fantasy projects or something else related to Final Fantasy 16. As such, Final Fantasy 16 could be revisited down the road.

Fans who run through Echoes of the Fallen have plenty of other Final Fantasy games to look forward to. FF7: Ever Crisis just got its PC release while FF7 Rebirth looms on the horizon.

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