Find out the estimated release date for Hades 2 early access

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Supergiant Games, the studio behind Hades 2, has announced plans for an early access period including a release date

Hades is considered one of the best rogue-like dungeon crawlers in recent times, so expectations are high for the sequel. The developer explained why the game will have early access in a lengthy post on the official website, stating that it wants fan feedback before the full release of Hades 2. The post thanked fans for their patience as the studio ramps up production.

Hades was released in September 2020 to critical and commercial acclaim. Thanks to its fast-paced combat, tight controls, and challenging yet rewarding gameplay loop, Hades quickly became a smash hit. While there are some strong imitators including Titan Souls, players now have an idea of when they can start grinding in the official sequel.

Hades 2 early access release date

Hades 2 will be released in early access in Q2 2024, which is somewhere between April and June next year. No exact release date was given.

Just like the first game, Hades 2 will initially be released on Steam and the Epic Games Store before making its way to home consoles. The developer stated it plans to release as much content as the first game had on its launch. 

Supergiant Games wants the players to have fun when they boot up the sequel, even in early access. Before Hades 2 early access, there will be a “technical test” period involving a limited number of players. The company is following the same release model that it used for the first game when it launched before its launch in 2020. 

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How to get Hades 2 early access

Players will be able to purchase Hades 2 early access and the full game together on Steam and the Epic Games Store. There’s no sign-up or lottery involved with early access. Players can add Hades 2 to their wishlist on either DRM in order to get an alert when it becomes available.

Hades 2 early access will not be available on consoles. Unfortunately, only PC players will have the option of early access. PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo console owners will have to wait until the full game releases.

When is the Hades 2 release date?

There is no official release date or estimated release window for Hades 2. Early access for Hades 2 will start on PC in Q2 2024.

The developers want to focus on building core content for the game first. Supergiant says it is making sure the environments, characters, weapons, story, music, and most importantly, the Boons all work as intended before early access starts. The developer stated that it ultimately wants Hades 2 to be a worthwhile experience regardless of when players get it.

While fans might be hopeful that early access in Q2 2024 means the game will be out relatively soon, that might not be the case. The original Hades was in early access for almost two years before it officially launched and it didn’t arrive on consoles until another year later. With the release of Hades 2 being a much larger occasion than the release of the original, it could still take some time.

Hades 2 will focus on Melione, the sister of Hades protagonist Zagreus. She will go on a journey to save her father from the titan of time, Chronos. In usual Hades fashion, the game will have an assortment of support characters to aid Melione on her mission. 

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