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A new Street Fighter game is always a big deal, but Street Fighter 6 has been particularly huge for the series.

While Street Fighter 5 held up well over time from a competitive perspective, it stumbled out of the gate in a bad way. The game used a free-to-play model despite carrying a full price tag, something that was lambasted by fans. Couple that with the fact that it wasn’t available on Xbox or Nintendo consoles and it opened the door for games like Guilty Gear Strive to take over a significant share of the fighting game market.

2023 gave the most iconic fighting game series a much-needed fresh start, with Street Fighter 6 dropping to enormous fanfare and enjoying the best critical reception in series history. Here’s everything there is to know about the game’s launch and its foreseeable future.

What platforms is Street Fighter 6 on?

Street Fighter 6 is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

There was a great deal of confusion around the game’s initial reveal in February 2022. Its first full trailer arrived during the June 2022 State of Play event with a trailer put out by Sony that strongly suggested the game would be a PlayStation exclusive.

However, Capcom’s release of the same trailer specifically noted during the final moments that the game is also on Xbox Series X/S and Steam. This was welcome news for fighting game fans that didn’t own a PlayStation console, as Street Fighter 5 was never released on Xbox. Unfortunately, Nintendo Switch fans are left out in the cold and have to hope that the Nintendo Switch’s successor can handle the game.

When does Street Fighter 6 come out?

Street Fighter 6 launched on June 2, 2023. 

While timed exclusives are quite common these days, Street Fighter 6 didn’t receive that treatment. The game dropped at the same time across all platforms, allowing everybody to throw down on day one.

Is Street Fighter 6 on Xbox One?

Street Fighter 6 will not be available on Xbox One and it’s extremely unlikely that will change. Unfortunately, those who have the past-gen Xbox console will have to upgrade in order to get in on the action.

It is unknown why Street Fighter 6 did not get an Xbox One release. The game is out on both the current-gen PlayStation 5 and past-gen PlayStation 4, but didn’t receive that treatment on Xbox consoles and instead only came out on the modern Xbox Series X/S. This is undoubtedly a disappointment for Xbox One owners, but more and more developers are pulling back from older hardware. Even blockbuster exclusives like the PlayStation 5’s Final Fantasy XVI are seeing single-platform releases at this point.

Full Street Fighter 6 roster

Street Fighter 6 has a roster that brings together a number of new characters and places them alongside favorites from past installments of the series. The full list of characters in the launch version of the game includes:

  • Ryu
  • Luke
  • Jamie
  • Chun-Li
  • Guile
  • Kimberly
  • Juri
  • Ken
  • Blanka
  • Dhalsim
  • E. Honda
  • Dee Jay
  • Manon
  • Marisa
  • JP
  • Zangief
  • Lily
  • Cammy

The bulk of the Street Fighter 2 cast returns in the base version of the roster. The eight playable characters from Street Fighter 2: The World Warrior will all be returning, as will Dee Jay and Cammy. Also returning are Juri from Street Fighter 4 and Luke from Street Fighter 5.

Many of the new characters have stylistic similarities or are direct successors to characters from previous Street Fighter games. Lily is part of T. Hawk’s Thunderfoot Tribe, Kimberly is a student of Guy from Street Fighter Alpha, Jamie borrows moves from Yun and Yang from Street Fighter 3, and so on.

Character select for Street Fighter 6 roster

There are many notable omissions from this character list, including top villains M. Bison and Akuma. There are also plenty of other characters who have appeared in multiple games who didn’t make the cut including Balrog, Karin, Vega, Cody, and more. Odds are that many of these characters will be released as DLC at some point.

Will Street Fighter 6 have DLC characters?

Street Fighter 6 will have DLC characters after the game’s launch. This will likely result in a significant expansion to the game’s 18-character roster over time.

Modern Street Fighter games have had lean rosters at launch that balloon over time. Street Fighter 5 had just 16 characters at launch but its roster grew to 45 through DLC releases and expansions. Street Fighter 4 had 44 different characters by the time the game was sunsetted. 

While DLC characters were once frowned upon by fighting game fans, they have become the norm to the point where most major fighting game releases have more their half their cast available via DLC. The good news is that unlike Street Fighter 5, Street Fighter 6 has a robust content offering even for those who don’t bother with microtransactions.

Does Street Fighter 6 have seasons and battle passes?

Street Fighter 6 will have a seasonal system similar to those seen in other fighting games such as Guilty Gear Strive and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. It’s unknown how many seasons of DLC Street Fighter 6 will get, or if players will be able to unlock new characters without paying for them.

Alongside this, Street Fighter 6 has battle passes called Fight Passes. Fight Passes work similarly to battle passes seen in other games, with a line of free rewards for everyone and premium rewards available to those who pony up the extra cash. Capcom stated that the rewards from Fight Passes will strictly be cosmetic items but fans expressed concern over Capcom once again adding features from a free-to-play game into a title that was released at full price.

How much will Street Fighter 6, Deluxe Edition, and Ultimate Edition cost?

Street Fighter 6 costs anywhere from $60 to $250, depending on which version of the game players purchase.

There are four different versions of the game available for sale, with more extras coming with each jump in price. Not all of these versions are available on all consoles, and not all of them are available both physically and digitally.

The baseline version costs $60 across all consoles, including both PS4 and PS5. This is notable, as other games released on current and past-gen consoles such as Madden 23 actually had a higher price tag on current-gen consoles without adding any new features.

Street Fighter 6 Deluxe Edition contains the base version of the game as well as the first season’s character pass, which will include four characters, eight alternate color options for the characters, and 4,200 Drive Tickets for use on other cosmetics. Street Fighter 6 Ultimate Edition contains everything from the Deluxe Edition but adds extra outfits and colors for the DLC characters and bumps up the number of Drive Tickets to 7,700. The Ultimate Edition is only available digitally. 

For big spenders, Street Fighter 6 Collectors Edition contains everything from the Ultimate Edition alongside two 17” figures of Luke and Kimberly, an art book, and other accessories. The Collectors Edition was released in limited quantities, so fans are lucky to find one as SF6’s release date moves further into the past.

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