G2 Esports GM leaks details on opponents after Worlds 2023 loss

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G2 Esports general manager Romain “Romain” Bigeard shared the team’s full scrim schedule for 2023 after being eliminated from Worlds 2023 and there has been a mix of reactions to it.

G2 failed to advance to the Knockout Stage at Worlds 2023. The franchise that has long dominated European League of Legends headed into Worlds as a serious contender after winning the winter and summer splits, and the 2023 LEC Season Finals. Despite that prowess, the team failed to translate its domestic success into any significant result at Worlds 2023.

“After almost 50 weeks of grind, it’s over, we’re out. I’m not even sure what happened last weekend, why we collapsed…The last 48 [hours] were painful. Sorry. We’re gonna have to do so much better. To be more efficient, more lethal, more adaptable,” wrote Romain on X following G2’s elimination from the tournament.

While Worlds 2023 already has controversies of its own, Romain upped the ante by leaking info on the remaining competitors after being eliminated.

Romain reveals G2 Esports’ scrim results after Worlds 2023 elimination

G2 had a mixed record against teams at Worlds 2023, performing well against LPL teams while struggling against the LEC. The full results were posted by Romain.

The general manager listed part of the team’s routine, including daily one-on-one, controlled food and sleep, and exercise. Romain followed this post by sharing G2’s full scrim schedule from the pre-season through the team’s elimination at Worlds. At Worlds, G2 played scrims against multiple teams, including all eight teams still in the competition. These teams are NRG, Bibibili Gaming, JD Gaming, T1, Gen.G, LNG Esports, Weibo Gaming, and KT Rolster.

Against the eight teams remaining at Worlds 2023, G2 Esports had mixed results. Against BLG, the team that ultimately eliminated G2, G2 had a record of 10-3. Against JDG, the team went 7-6 while also getting the better of LNG Esports and Weibo Gaming.

In contrast, the European squad stumbled against LCK teams. G2 only had one opportunity to scrim KT Rolster, which finished in a tie. When facing Gen.G, G2 lost once and then tied on a different date. Against T1, G2 went 1-10.

G2 scrim schedule leak sparks criticism from Team Liquid

G2 Esports’ schedule prompted several conversations on X, including whether or not scrims matter and why the results shared by G2 might be misleading.

LCS veteran Christian “IWDominate” Rivera, reacted by pointing out that the point of scrims is to improve. As a result, some teams might be willing to lose scrims if it means having the opportunity to experiment. As seen with G2 Esports‘ Worlds 2023 results, winning scrims doesn’t directly translate to good performance on stage.

“Not a fan of posting scrim results while worlds is still going on. Would have appreciated, as a courtesy, a heads up.  What about all the other teams still competing?” Team Liquid’s co-CEO Steven Arhancet wrote on X.

For the regular viewer these results might not look like much, but to organizations’ scouts and analysts, this could be valuable information.

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