GeorgeNotFound responds after Caitibugzz sexual assault claims

caitibugzz sexual assault accusations

19-year-old Twitch streamer and TikToker Caitibugzz accused a famous Minecraft YouTuber of sexual assault, who is seemingly 27-year-old DreamSMP collaborator George “GeorgeNotFound” Davidson. 

There has been an unfortunate, steady churn of stories of sexual assault in the video game industry and content creation over recent years. Minecraft in particular has seen an uptick in this over recent months, and Caitibugzz is the latest in a line of women who have come forward with stories of abuse by prominent content creators. The influencer came forward after fellow streamer Shelby “Shubble” Grace opened up about her experiences with YouTuber William “Wilbur Soot” Gold earlier this year.

Shubble shared her experiences with her ex-boyfriend allegedly ignored her “safe word” during a sexual encounter. Although Wilbur Soot apologized, he claimed that he thought it was consensual.

Inspired by Shubble, Caitibuggz has come forward with her own story involving a Minecraft content creator.

What did GeorgeNotFound do to Caitibugzz?

Caitibugzz accused an unspecified older content creator of inappropriately, who is seemingly GeorgeNotFound, of touching her while she was intoxicated.

In a 30-minute Twitch stream, Caitibuggz discussed her experiences at a party including claims of an older content creator sexually assaulting her. Although she did not name the creator, several fans believe the details she provides match GeorgeNotFound. GeorgeNotFound was seemingly confirmed as the accused when he responded to the matter on Twitter.

Caitibugzz claims the assault took place during a convention in 2023, and the creator was around eight years older than her. In June 2023, GeorgeNotFound and Caitibugzz were in attendance for VidCon in Anaheim, California. One of the listed YouTubers for the event is GeorgeNotFound, who happens to be eight years older than Caitibuggz. 

Caitibuggz states she was drinking during a party with other creators. She alleges the older creator inappropriately flirted with her and reached under her shirt under the guise of “tickling.” Although she tried to reject him, she says the older creator allegedly continued touching her. She concluded the stream by thanking her mods for their work handling the broadcast and expressed gratitude toward those who voiced their support.

GeorgeNotFound responds to sexual assault allegations

GeorgeNotFound says he is currently drafting a response to the accusations, but denied any misdeeds. While Caitibugzz never named him directly, GeorgeNotFound’s response seemingly confirms the claims that he was the older Minecraft content creator referred to by Caitibugzz.

While there was initially speculation that Caitibugzz’s reference to Shubble meant that she was accusing Wilbur Sloot, she explicitly noted that this wasn’t the case.

Caitibugzz’s allegations are the latest part of an ugly stretch for the Minecraft fandom. Previous reckonings with sexual assault within content creation spheres have rarely stopped at two cases so it’s possible that more accusors will step forward, and other prominent names will be accused.

Below is an update written on March 11, 2024 following GeorgeNotFound’s response on YouTube.

GeorgeNotFound pushes back against Caitibugzz

GeorgeNotFound issued a response to the sexual assault allegations, denied any wrongdoing, and stated that Caitibugzz was actually receptive to his advances after her tearful stream.

“I just think it’s completely unfair to judge me and my actions based on how you feel about it now, eight months later, versus how you felt at the time…because at the time, you were not uncomfortable with it,” GeorgeNotFound said.

He stated that while she was “play-fighting” with him over it, she was smiling and laughing, and that there was “no reason for [him] to believe she was uncomfortable.” He also said he was surprised while watching Caitibugzz’s stream as he didn’t initially know she was referring to him, but realized it as she recounted the experience.

Caitbugzz responded to GeorgeNotFound’s video on Twitter by calling him a “coward.” She also posted rebuttals to several of his claims and defenses of his actions across a thread of tweets.

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