Hear the all-new Persona 3 Reload voice cast for the first time

Makoto Yuki in Persona 3 Reload

Persona fans got their first taste of the brand new voice acting cast of Persona 3 Reload, and the response is surprisingly positive.

The upcoming remake of Persona 3 is set to modernize the PlayStation 2 classic in a number of ways. While fans have been generally receptive to this idea, something that proved controversial is the fact that the game will get a brand new voice cast. The original cast is made up of some of the most recognizable voice actors in the business, and many were skeptical that their performance could be matched.

Though the sample size is small, it seems like that isn’t going to be an issue. A new gameplay trailer contains lines from most of the main cast, giving prospective players a taste of what’s to come.

Persona 3 Reload full voice cast

The Persona 3 Reload voice cast will feature a number of voice actors from a variety of popular anime, animated series, and video games. Here are all the names revealed so far:

CharacterActorNotable Roles
Makoto YukiAleks LeDemon Slayer (Zenitsu Agatsuma), Vinland Saga (Thorfinn)
Yukari TakebaHeather GonzalezLegend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (Mineru), LBX Girls (Miharu)
Junpei IoriZeno RobinsonPokemon Journeys (Goh), The Case Study of Vanitas  (Vanitas)
AigisDawn M. BennettYashahime: Princess Half-Demon (Kyuki), Dragon Ball Super (Kale)
Akihiko SanadaAlejandro SaabPokemon Journeys (Leon), Vinland Saga (Einar)
Mitsuru KirijoAllegra ClarkApex Legends (Bloodhound), Dragon Age: Inquisition (Josephine)
Fuuka YamagishiSuzie YeungFinal Fantasy 7 Remake (Yuffie), Chainsaw Man (Makima)
Ken AmadaJustine LeeDon’t Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro (Sana Sunomiya), Ragnarok Origin (Bonnie, Sansa)
Shinjiro AragakiJustice SlocumPath of the Midnight Sun (Finn), Lost Judgment (Tetsuro Kurumazaki)

Why does Persona 3 Reload have a new voice cast?

Neither Atlus nor the previous Persona 3 voice cast has given an official explanation for why they aren’t returning for Reload. There are a few possible explanations, though.

Money and availability are the most likely potential sticking points between Atlus and the now-former Persona 3 cast. A lot has changed over the 16 years since the game’s western release and much of the Persona 3 cast has grown in prominence since then. Yuri Lowenthal voiced the protagonist and other characters in the original and is one of the most in-demand names in voice acting these days. Akihiko was played by Liam O’Brien, who is a voice actor and director alongside being a main character on the Critical Role web series. The list goes on.

Makoto Yuki in Persona 3 Reload

Another possibility is that Atlus wants to freshen things up with its casting. The studio has recycled talent across multiple games on several occasions, with many playing major characters across different games. Karen Strassman played Aigis in Persona 3 and Nanako in Persona 4, Yuri Lowenthal was Makoto in Persona 3 and Yosuke in Persona 4, Michelle Ruff was Yukari in Persona 3 and Katherine in Catherine, and so on.

A fresh cast for Persona 3 would help deal with some of those redundancies and would make characters sound less familiar for potential future crossover games.

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