Is arteezy still streaming on Twitch? Here’s what we know

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There’s never been a more popular player in professional Dota 2 than Artour “arteezy” Babaev, and there’s never been a more popular streamer in the game either.

arteezy streams are the stuff of legend for Dota 2 fans. But the Canadian pro largely abandoned his streams for some time, leaving many fans to wonder if they’d ever return. After some recent changes in arteezy’s career, fans have gotten an answer.

Does arteezy still stream on Twitch?

arteezy does continue to stream on his Twitch channel. In fact, the summer of 2023 has seen him stream more frequently than in some time. And that may not be a coincidence.

arteezy took to his Twitter account in May to make clear that he was again streaming, and he has been consistently doing so throughout the summer weeks since. Dota 2 fans have flocked in droves to watch the famous carry player taking over pub games while offering blunt opinions on the quality of his teammates and the game’s latest balance tweaks.

He’s even put together some special promotions for channel subscribers, much to their satisfaction. But why is arteezy suddenly putting so much effort into his streaming?

arteezy changes things up after Shopify Rebellion move

Despite a long Dota 2 career that dates back over 10 years now, arteezy has played for a relatively small number of teams. The latest is Shopify Rebellion, who he moved to at the end of 2022 after more than six consecutive years spent playing for Evil Geniuses.

Shopify Rebellion has its own promotional methods and requirements, and it’s likely that the new team has encouraged arteezy to reach out more to fans than he has at times in the past. 

Despite the popularity of arteezy and other top Dota 2 pros, the lack of a unified circuit and related press requirements has sometimes lessened opportunities fans have to hear from those top players. It typically falls on the teams themselves to encourage players to speak up and be more publicly visible.

Of course, it’s possible that arteezy’s uptick in streaming time has nothing to do with the management at Shopify Rebellion. He has previously been an active streamer in years past, blasting hip-hop music and ranting about the quality of his pub games.

No matter the reason, it’s clear that fans appreciate the increased visibility of the famous carry player.

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