Is Pokemon Legends Z-A a return to Kalos? It probably isn’t

pokemon z-a kalos region

With Pokemon Legends Z-A now revealed, some fans wonder whether it’ll take place in Kalos and, if so, how much of it is accessible.

Before the Pokemon Day showcase on February 27, 2024, fans assumed the next big Pokemon game would be based in the Johto or Unova region. In a surprise twist, Nintendo gave fans the reveal trailer for Pokemon Legends Z-A, a brand-new Legends-type game that will presumably have gameplay similar to Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

The trailer raised more questions than it gave fans answers, including where the game will take place. Fortunately, the region the series will re-explore in Pokemon Legends Z-A was revealed, and it’s one few fans were expecting.

What region does Pokemon Legends Z-A take place in?

Pokemon Legends Z-A will take place in Lumiose City, a city that was first revealed in Pokemon X and Y as part of the Kalos region.

Shaped like a five-pointed star and being inspired by metropolitan France, the Kalos region was the franchise’s first trip to Europe with the England-based Galar and Spain-based Paldea following from there. That said, it is unknown whether Pokemon Legends Z-A will actually take place in the Kalos region. It’s arguably more likely that it won’t as the trailer explicitly states that the game will take place in a redeveloped Lumiose City, not in the Kalos region.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus takes place in an ancient version of the Sinnoh region that was named Hisui. The emphasis on a redeveloped Lumiose City suggests that Pokemon Legends Z-A will instead take place in a futuristic version of the Kalos region with a different name. This is also appropriate for the recent mainline Pokemon games thematically, as Scarlet and Violet emphasized the concept of the past versus the future.

mega evolution pokemon legends z-a trailer

Regardless, fans can also look forward to Kalos’ biggest addition to the Pokemon franchise; mega evolution. Pokemon Legends Z-A’s reveal trailer confirmed that the feature would be present. However, it’s unknown how the mechanic will work with the sandbox style of the Legends games.

Can you explore the whole Kalos region in Pokemon Legends Z-A

It’s unknown if players will explore the entire Kalos region in Pokemon Legends Z-A, although the reveal trailer suggests it might strictly take place in Lumiose City.

Lumiose City is the largest city within the Kalos region. It’s separated into multiple areas which are built around the Prism Tower that the players climb in Pokemon X and Y to challenge the city’s electric-type gym. 

However, if Pokemon Legends Z-A takes place only in Lumiose City, this might change. Pokemon Legends: Arceus didn’t actually have gyms and instead had players progress via actual boss battles between the player character and “Noble Pokemon.” This may return in its successor.

The Pokemon Legends Z-A trailer suggests that a sort of “urban redevelopment plan” is taking place, which might be the major plot point in the game and hints at either an overhaul or full evolution of Kalos. With how advanced everything looks, Pokemon Legends Z-A will likely be a radically different experience from anything seen in the series before.

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