Is Wuthering Waves on Nintendo Switch possible? We break it down

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Wuthering Waves has just launched, and fans are already clamoring for a Nintendo Switch release. How likely is it?

Genshin Impact gave gamers a glimpse of how popular open-world RPGs with gacha elements could be, so it was only a matter of time before competitors rose to challenge it. Although the Wuthering Waves team never outright compares itself to Genshin Impact, fans quickly pointed out how similar the two games looked side-by-side. 

Whether fans deem it a Genshin clone or not, the hype for the project is undeniable. Since its initial announcement in May 2022, fans quickly latched onto the exciting new open-world gacha action RPG, ready for a change of pace from Genshin Impact.  Still, some fans wonder if Wuthering Waves will ever make the exodus to the Nintendo Switch.

Will Wuthering Waves launch for Nintendo Switch?

Kuro Games has not confirmed a Nintendo Switch port for Wuthering Waves and it’s unlikely one comes out.

Given the game’s recent release, it’s likely Kuro Games won’t tease any new console plans until a few months into the game’s lifespan. The developer has yet to release a title outside PC, iOS, or Android. Wuthering Waves will be the studio’s first foray into console gaming, with a PlayStation 4 and 5 release officially in the works.

Notably, Genshin Impact was released simultaneously on Android, iOS, PlayStation 4, and PC. Genshin Impact has yet to launch on the Nintendo Switch, despite promising the port in January 2020. Fans hope Wuthering Waves has better luck, but given the scale and nature of the project, it’s unlikely.

Much like a possible release on Steam, it’s not officially known why Wuthering Waves isn’t on Switch, but the most likely explanation comes down to money. Digital storefronts like Steam and the eShop take a cut of transactions made with their currency. These platforms have varying degrees of flexibility on these fees, and gacha game devs haven’t found it necessary to cut them in on the proceeds.

Is Wuthering Waves like Genshin Impact?

Wuthering Waves bears surface-level similarities to Genshin Impact but differentiates itself through its combat.

Kuro Games made it clear through gameplay trailers and interviews that Wuthering Waves emphasizes combat. The developers’ previous outing, Punishing: Gray Raven, was praised for its stylish and fast-paced combat. Taking that style to an open-world setting could be lucrative.

Only time will tell if Wuthering Waves will further change up its gameplay to stand out from Genshin Impact, or take on more of its elements to rope in former fans. Either way, fans of open-world gacha RPGs just got another game to add to the pile. 

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