Kena: Bridge of Spirits is coming to Xbox, how about Nintendo Switch?

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Former PlayStation exclusive Kena: Bridge of Spirits is coming to Xbox with a confirmed release date, but what about a Nintendo Switch version?

Kena: Bridge of Spirits had a rocky launch. While it was meant to be one the major releases of the PS5’s first year, the game got overshadowed by Demon’s Souls and Spider-Man: Miles Morales, both of which launched around the same time as Kena. Despite that, the game is praised for its short but sweet story and engaging combat.

Now, a whole new player base will get to play Kena: Bridge of Spirits, as the game is coming to Xbox. In addition to information on what platforms will get the game, the developer gave information on the upcoming port’s release date. However, fans wonder if a Nintendo Switch version is on the table.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits Xbox One, Series X/S release date

Kena: Bridge of Spirits is coming to Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S on August 15, 2024. Players can buy it physically or digitally.

Announced via a teaser trailer, Xbox players will get to play Kena a little less than four years after it initially launched on the PS4, PS5, and PC through the Epic Games Store. The game is also purchasable on Steam as the Epic Games exclusivity concluded in 2022.

Kena’s Xbox version will come with exclusive pirate-themed hats for the small Rots, a unique staff for Kena, and a golden Rot skin. The premium physical version also includes a digital soundtrack and a retail exclusive sticker sheet. While physical pre-orders aren’t available, the official Ember Lab account states they’ll go live at major retailers “soon.”

Will Kena: Bridge of Spirits come to Nintendo Switch?

There is no indication that Kena is coming to the Nintendo Switch, although it isn’t impossible.

Kena was a timed console exclusive, similar to Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, which is why it’s coming to Xbox over three years after its initial launch. As the game is playable on the last-generation PS4 and Xbox One consoles, the Switch might also be able to run it.

Ember Lab didn’t rule out a Nintendo Switch version when asked whether Kena would come to other platforms in 2023. The demand for Kena to come to the Nintendo Switch seems to be there, but how the upcoming Xbox version performs will likely decide whether Switch players get to play the Pixar-inspired indie game.

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