New Tekken 8 leak gives hints to Marduk, Heihachi, new characters

Tekken 8 Marduk

Another Tekken 8 has appeared, and this newest in a series of leaks for the game hints strongly at the fates of fan-favorite characters Marduk and Heihachi.

Those aren’t the only bits of information included in the new leaks. There’s also context for the game’s new characters, the status of its character roster, and potential move lists.

While Tekken fans continue to wait for a finalized release date, they may for now be sated by a new batch of information on the much-anticipated game.

Is Marduk coming to Tekken 8?

The latest Tekken 8 leak suggests that returning character Marduk may indeed be returning in Tekken 8. This is largely derived from a new leak of character move lists. Among the discovered moves is the full move list for Marduk, suggesting that he will likely be included in Tekken 8’s roster.

Lending even more weight to this information is the fact that the move list was translated into all languages in which Tekken 8 will be made available. That would be a lot of work to put in if the intention wasn’t to eventually bring the character to bear.

What remains unknown, however, is whether this latest Tekken 8 leak indicates that Marduk would be included in the game’s base roster, or if he would be made available later as a DLC character. Given how DLC content has worked in recent Tekken releases, it’s almost assured that Tekken 8 will also include DLC characters.

Is Heihachi returning in Tekken 8?

While Tekken 8’s roster is shaping up to be expansive and features numerous returning characters, leaks suggest that Heihachi may not be among them. This is also related to Heihachi’s moves being discovered in the game, though they aren’t actually assigned to Heihachi.


Instead, the former boss character’s moves are believed to be used by a new character named Reina. This new Tekken character is thought to be related to Heihachi, and in fact may be another of the character’s children.

If that’s true, Reina would be Heihachi’s third child to be featured in the Tekken cast of characters. The first two are Kazuya and Lars.

Speculation will only continue to build until Tekken 8’s launch roster is finalized. Until then, expect more Tekken 8 leaks to trickle out information about potential cast additions like Marduk.

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