No Man’s Sky Echoes update revealed, here’s what we know

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No Man’s Sky celebrated its seventh birthday with the reveal of its next major update, Echoes.

The open-universe exploration game had an ugly start. The limited offering of features at launch led many to label it as the most over-hyped game in history, receiving criticism for the sameyness of its gameplay loop. Despite those beginnings, No Man’s Sky has won over many of its critics through a plethora of major content updates that fixed many of those problems and added loads of new ways to play the game. 

The seventh-anniversary trailer perfectly showcases the progress the game has made since its release. The developers put together a montage of their greatest hits, reliving the nostalgia of countless planets explored and thousands of missions completed. 

No Mans Sky Echoes

What is in the No Man’s Sky Echoes update?

No details were given on what will be in the No Man’s Sky: Echoes update.

With a name like Echoes, one can only speculate if this is a big story update or a callback to previous titles. Sean Murray, the founder of No Man’s Sky developer Hello Games, closed the announcement by hyping up fans.

“[There’s] still a lot we want to try, so much we are still excited for. Our journey continues. Thank you so much for your support,” Murray said.

No release date was confirmed for the No Man’s Sky: Echoes update and no details were offered, but there could be news soon. The latest major update was No Man’s Sky: Interceptor, which launched in April 2023. It featured updates to spaceships, combat, and worlds. 

Should I play No Man’s Sky in 2023?

No Man’s Sky has received enormous praise for the many updates it launched, making it a game that players will enjoy in 2023.

While the game launched to middling scores from critics and below-average scores from fans, No Man’s Sky is a very different game today than it was at launch. Murray alluded to this in the video celebrating the game’s seventh anniversary.

“It hasn’t always been easy, but the thing that has been our guiding star throughout has been the players and the community,” he said.

The game has added a load of new features that weren’t available at launch including new quests, the ability to command a fleet, and more. Though review scores are still bogged down by that controversial launch, the various updates have been strong enough to keep the game alive for seven years. No Man’s Sky is definitely worth playing in 2023, and the Echoes update will likely make the game even better.

It faces stiff competition from the upcoming Bethesda RPG Starfield, which has been colloquially named “No Man’s Skyrim.” Fans still have plenty to look forward to, though.

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