Secret Switch 2 meetings reportedly reveal size, Joy-Con changes

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The Nintendo Switch 2 is reportedly set to break from the existing Nintendo Switch when it comes to its construction and size.

Nintendo’s next-gen console has been the subject of many leaks over the last two years. For its part, Nintendo has done excellent work keeping things thoroughly bottled up. The trouble is everyone else. Leaks from Nintendo’s component manufacturers and partnered game publishers have seen details on its hardware and specs come out via cyberattacks and leaked courtroom documents.

At this point, there’s a fairly clear picture of the Switch 2’s hardware. There are plenty of educated guesses that can be made regarding its software, especially with nothing new coming in 2024. The actual console itself has remained a mystery to this point. That might’ve changed with a recent report regarding the Nintendo Switch 2’s size, form factor, and hardware.

Nintendo Switch 2 size, Joy-Con details may have come out

The Nintendo Switch 2 will reportedly be bigger than the original Nintendo Switch, with a new setup for attaching Joy-Cons to the system.

The report comes from Vandal, the video games-focused vertical of Spanish digital newspaper El Espanol. Reporters working for the site discussed correspondences with third-party peripheral manufacturers, detailing the new console and Nintendo’s unusual approach to giving companies hands-on time with the hardware.

Vandal reports that those who handled a Nintendo Switch 2 state that the unit’s size is noticeably larger than the existing Switch. The exact dimensions are unclear but it is reportedly smaller than the Steam Deck, despite increasing in size.

The Steam Deck being held
The Steam Deck is considerably larger than the Nintendo Switch.

If their impressions are correct, it would be somewhat surprising. The Switch’s form factor was one of its most impressive features at launch. In the years since, portable PCs have been able to match the Switch’s form factor with specs that are higher than what the Switch 2’s hardware is capable of. Nintendo going larger with what is likely to be weaker hardware is a surprise for a company that has traditionally been at the forefront of streamlined handheld gaming tech.

Switch 2 reportedly switching to magnetized Joy-Cons

Alongside this is a significant difference with the Joy-Cons and how they lock into the console itself. The Joy-Cons have plastic rails that slide into metal slats on the side of the system and are held in place with a spring-loaded latch.

The next-gen Nintendo console will reportedly use magnets to hold the Joy-Cons in place. It’s unclear whether the Joy-Cons will be the same as those of the existing Switch, or if their size will change alongside the Nintendo Switch 2 itself.

Regardless, this is likely to be a significant upgrade for Nintendo Switch owners, as Joy-Cons are notoriously brittle. Even with light use, the latches on Joy-Cons can chip or break in a way that makes them unable to support the system when held vertically. Even if they don’t come off entirely, the controllers can detach in a way that disconnects them from the system and disrupts gameplay until they establish a wireless connection.

Though the idea of magnets being right next to electronics is still an uncomfortable thought for many, magnetized accessories are common across phones, smartwatches, and laptops. A magnet’s connection is sure to endure longer than the Joy-Con’s flimsy plastic.

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