Shadowverse: Worlds Beyond is coming, here’s every detail on it

shadowverse worlds beyond

Cygames has just dropped a trailer for the Shadowverse sequel, Worlds Beyond.

Shadowverse is a digital card name similar to MTG Arena and Hearthstone. It’s notable for using an anime art style, as opposed to the Western high fantasy foundation that most digital card games opt for. However, Cygames sought to differentiate itself from Hearthstone by being less reliant on RNG and gimmicks. 

Shadowverse maintained a solid base of players since its debut in 2016. The game even got an anime adaptation that aired from April 2020 to March 2021, a testament to its popularity. Still, the devs want to push that popularity further and are looking to do so with the surprising release of a sequel.

Is Shadowverse: Worlds Beyond an official sequel?

Shadowverse: Worlds Beyond is the successor to the original title.

The trailer immediately made it clear it was the next step for the franchise. Shadowverse: Worlds Beyond teases new mechanics such as the Engage keyword, an in-game toggle for card effects utilizing “amulets.” Certain classes were also made obsolete, such as the Shadowcraft and Bloodcraft classes being merged into the new Abysscraft class.

Another new feature is the inclusion of a hub world. Players can now create a custom avatar and travel around the Shadowverse, interacting with other players and NPCs. As expected, impromptu duels will be possible in these hub worlds. Tournaments for Shadowverse: Worlds Beyond are also set to begin sometime in 2024.

Is Shadowverse shutting down?

Shadowverse will continue its service for the time being, but more details will be revealed on December 14.

As with any sequel for a multiplayer title, there’s always the nagging question of whether there will be continued support for the predecessor. Cygames was transparent about the fact that OG Shadowverse will continue as usual. As for how long that will be the case, it’s currently unknown. 

Some fans are wary that Cygames might take a page out of Blizzard or Valve’s book and remove access to the original game in an attempt to move people over to the sequel. This was seen with games such as Overwatch 2 and Counter-Strike 2. Until more details are revealed on December 14, it’s all just fan speculation.

Shadowverse: Worlds Beyond release date and platforms

Shadowverse: Worlds Beyond is set to come out in Summer 2024. No exact release date has been confirmed.

The game will be available on iOS, Android, and PC. Given the relatively short window between the announcement and the release window, it’s unlikely that Cygames will release a console version of the title at launch. Cygames has been growing its presence in the console gaming space with titles like Granblue Fantasy: Versus, so it’s possible that ports could come with time.

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