Starfield user reviews plunge and Bethesda isn’t handling it well

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Starfield’s current Steam rating is now mixed, with players venting in reviews that the space epic doesn’t live up to Bethesda’s legacy or the standards set by its past games.

Starfield was a strong performer on video game sales charts after its September debut. However, there has been a clear discrepancy between Starfield’s creative vision and what fans actually got with the game. Many have voiced their frustrations with the game’s limited space travel options and effectively empty, procedurally generated planets. Bethesda continues to stand behind Starfield as it is now and doesn’t see a problem with it, something that’s angering fans even more.

This rift between Starfield and what fans expect Starfield to be has now come to a head, as Steam has been receiving a steady stream of negative reviews over the past month. Fans who have played the game for more than 100 hours are now coming out to essentially say that the game wasn’t worth their time.

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Is Starfield good or bad?

Starfield currently has a “mixed” review status on Steam. The game has under 70% of players giving it positive reviews. A flood of thousands of negative reviews in October and November dragged down the initially positive reception.

The most-liked negative reviews lambast the often-discussed space travel and planet design, alongside the economy, UI, story, and NPC design. One of the most-liked reviews from a player with hundreds of hours in the game states that Starfield’s factions do not respond to player choices, that the game has unnecessary skills, and it has a frustrating UI.

Compounding matters is that Bethesda developers are directly responding to some of these negative reviews. One response encouraged a player to create a new character and start the game over, while another said that planets that are deliberately empty and worth skipping aren’t actually boring. These messages have not helped quell fan frustration.

When will The Elder Scrolls 6 be released?

Elder Scrolls 6’s release date is still unknown, but it’s not coming out any time soon.

Despite the mixed reviews for Starfield, many are still excited over The Elder Scrolls 6. The sequel to Skyrim is one of the most-talked-about games in the industry, despite there not actually being anything to talk about with the game beyond a teaser trailer from 2018.

Bethesda’s Todd Howard has high expectations for the game and has previously spoken about wanting players to enjoy it for an entire decade, just like they did with Skyrim. However, with Starfield receiving negative reviews and the dwindling player counts, Todd’s approach to longevity in game design may not be effective. It’s also doubtful that Elder Scrolls 6 will pursue longevity through procedural generation, which didn’t work in Starfield’s favor.

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Written by Mohamed Hassan

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