Starfield’s massive day-one patch has arrived, here’s what’s in it

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Players who have pre-loaded Starfield can now download the game’s day-one patch, and it’s a doozy. 

A pre-release patch is now available on Xbox and PC and can be downloaded on both platforms. Players who want to take part in Starfield’s early access can download the 15-gigabyte patch, guaranteeing the opportunity to play as soon as the game launches. Usually, a day-one patch is accompanied by patch notes but there is no official word on what Bethesda has changed with the update. 

Despite that, details on the patch have leaked online. This spills the details on what the substantial update brings to the game. While it’s nothing transformative, there is still quite a bit to talk about.

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What’s in Starfield’s day-one patch?

Starfield’s day-one patch is a significant update that offers bug fixes and stability improvements. Bethesda has yet to release patch notes.

The patch offers better stability on Xbox Series X/S consoles, particularly when suspending and resuming the game. The update also fixes multiple crashes and improves performance on the consoles. 

There are some visual bug fixes thrown in too, getting rid of issues related to NPCs not loading or behaving properly. It fixed an issue where characters’ hair would not appear on their model. An issue that caused face animations to move abruptly also got fixed. Companion characters would also start inexplicably floating, something that has been remedied. 

There are over 28 fixes in the patch notes. The Starfield day-one patch addresses several quest-related bugs.

The extra time given to Bethesda Game Studios seems to have been well-utilized. Multiple media members who got early access to the game have agreed with boasts from Bethesda that Starfield is the least-buggy Bethesda game ever. Though modern The Elder Scrolls and Fallout games have been critically acclaimed, they have also been rife with bugs and issues that can make quests unbeatable or lead to NPCs inexplicably dying off-screen. 

What’s the Starfield patch size?

Starfield’s day-one patch is 15.48 GB on Xbox Series X/S and 13.4 GB on PC.  

The update increases the game’s storage size by 1 GB on Xbox Series X/S. While that’s relatively small, it takes the game to a whopping 101.1 GB. An additional 17.1 GB is required for the Starfield digital artbook and soundtrack that come with the Premium Edition of the game.

Starfield has seen several leaks over the last few days. Players who got the game early are posting details and gameplay footage on a variety of social media platforms. Included in that was the reveal of controversial planet boundaries. Everything about the game will be laid bare in the near future, as Starfield will be available in early access in just a few days.

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