These great gamer gift ideas will stop your stressing

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Gamers can be notoriously difficult to buy gifts for, but with a little guidance, anyone can find the ideal gift for the gamer in their life.

It should first be said that gamers still enjoy the same great gifts as do most other people, so you don’t necessarily need to go out of your way to do something different. No one knows your loved ones as well as you do, so if you think you’ve got a great gift in mind for them, don’t hesitate to pull the trigger.

And there are plenty of traditional options out there that can work well for anyone. A gift card provides plenty of options and range. Candies and treats are a great option. A sweet-smelling orange scented perfume can go a long way. But if you’re really set on a gaming-specific gift, there are definitely options out there that will suit you.

Gaming accessories are reliable gift options

One problem people often run into when trying to find the perfect gift for a gamer is being unsure which games to buy. There are a lot of video games out on the market, covering many different genres and sub-genres, so this can feel like an overwhelming choice to make.

One good option is to just skip that choice entirely by opting for a gaming accessory, rather than an actual game. Accessories are narrower in scope; if someone needs a new keyboard or an extra controller, it’s relatively easy to pick one out.

For example, if you know someone who has a Nintendo Switch but hasn’t yet upgraded their controllers, a Switch Pro Controller could be a great option. This controller offers a more refined experience than the default option that comes with the Switch. Its “pro” namesake holds true, as its performance is more appropriate for a dedicated gamer than the Switch’s default controller.

Not everyone is going to have need of such an accessory, however. It’s best to check in on the person’s current setup. If they’re all stocked up on controllers and peripherals, you may need to pivot back to buying a game.

The easiest way to select a game is to just ask the person which games they’re excited about playing but haven’t yet gotten around to or managed to purchase for themselves. But if you want to make it a surprise, you can search through video game reviews online to see which games have received the best scores from critics. Anything in the range of 9 out of 10, or 90%, is likely going to be a good choice regardless of genre.

Is VR the right gift for your gamer?

Virtual reality has long been talked about as the next big thing in gaming. It still hasn’t exactly come to pass, but there are many VR options that any gamer would be excited to explore. Modern VR setups are far more advanced and accessible than those that have come and gone in the past. This is the first time that VR has been a legitimate option for an everyday user, whereas in the past it was more of a niche product for particularly tech-forward individuals.

There are multiple VR options on the market for your consideration, but the best is probably the Meta Quest 2. This device balances performance, modernity, and price in a way that makes sense. It’s versatile, able to hook up to a PC or function on its own.

And even though using a VR headset is still a one-person experience, it can still be quite the hit during social occasions. Everyone loves to have a laugh at someone flailing their arms about while wearing a futuristic visor, and that’s exactly what you’re going to get when introducing someone to VR.

These are just a few of the options available. Hopefully, by perusing them, you’ll be a little more comfortable exploring gift options for your favorite gamer.

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Written by Jared Wynne

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