Vampire Survivors co-op update cost and platforms, Switch details

Vampire Survivors co-op gameplay

Ahead of Vampire Survivors’ first birthday, the game will be getting a Nintendo Switch port and co-op mode update.

Vampire Survivors is established as one of the most popular games on Steam, consistently ranking among the most-played titles on Valve’s Steam Deck. The roguelike shoot ‘em up is almost tailor-made for the platform but still holds up well on mobile devices and Xbox Series X/S consoles.

The Vampire Survivors family is set to grow in two ways later this year with a Nintendo Switch version launching and an update adding multiplayer. Here are the key details surrounding them, when they come out, and how to get started on them.

When does Vampire Survivors come out on Nintendo Switch?

Vampire Survivors comes out on Nintendo Switch on August 17, 2023. The game will arrive on the handheld-console hybrid, with an interesting twist to this version of the game.

The Switch version of Vampire Survivors will launch with multiplayer ready to go on day one. The trailer released for this version of the game hints that it will support couch co-op of up to four players. The fact that the game requires nothing more than a thumbstick and one button means that it’s likely to be playable with a single Joy-Con, meaning everyone with a standard Switch or OLED Model will be able to play with a friend with no trouble.

Will the Vampire Survivors co-op update come out on PC and Xbox?

The co-op update for Vampire Survivors will be available across all platforms including PC, Xbox Series X/S, mobile devices, and the Nintendo Switch. 

Though the co-op update was revealed during a Nintendo Direct event, the developer behind the game revealed that it will be available on all platforms. This was confirmed by the team on social media, with the release date also being revealed:

When does the Vampire Survivors co-op update come out?

The Vampire Survivors co-op update comes out on August 17, 2023 alongside the game’s release on Nintendo Switch. 

The update will be distributed through the DRM the game was purchased through. No special action needs to be taken, so once the update drops players can just download it through Steam, their mobile app store, or on the Xbox and fight to Red Death alongside their friends.

Vampire Survivors gameplay

How much does the Vampire Survivors co-op update cost?

The Vampire Survivors co-op update is free to those who have purchased the game.

While it was already one of the best values in gaming thanks to its $5 price tag, Vampire Survivors will offer even more bang for the buck. Co-op will make for a completely new way to play the game. While couch co-op isn’t especially great on every platform, the game still offers hours of fun regardless.

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