What is Capcom’s secret new game “The Descendants?”

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Capcom may have begun development on a brand new project entitled The Descendants, according to a Resident Evil actress’ resume. 

Capcom entered its golden era with Resident Evil 7 in 2017 and the hype train hasn’t stopped. Only two of Capcom’s all-time best-selling individual titles launched before 2017, being Resident Evil 5 and 6. With several AAA hits under its belt, modern Capcom seemingly can’t fail, an impressive turnaround from the company floundering in the early 2010s.

Fans kept a close eye on what’s next in Capcom’s pipeline. Dragon’s Dogma 2 debuted to critical and commercial acclaim, while Monster Hunter: Wilds waits in the wings for 2025. However, eagle-eyed fans found a mysterious new project, and the sky’s the limit on what it could be.

What is Capcom’s The Descendants?

Capcom has not officially revealed what The Descendants is.

Fans stumbled upon it in the resume of actress Bekka Prewitt, who played Lady Dimitrescu’s daughter Bela in Resident Evil 8: Village. Under her video game portfolio, an unannounced Capcom project titled “The Descendants” was named. 

At this time, Capcom has not publicized any other details about The Descendants. However, there are a lot of potential candidates.

One of the most popular theories among fans claims The Descendants is the codename for a new Resident Evil project. After all, the Resident Evil franchise games are in their greatest boom period ever when it comes to sustained critical acclaim. As of March 2024, the latest title, Resident Evil 4 Remake, has sold over 7 million units worldwide. Additionally, four of Capcom’s top ten best-selling titles are notably modern Resident Evil games. 

A leaker known as DuskGolem, who accurately reported Street Fighter 6’s announcement would come after the Capcom Cup, also teased several Resident Evil titles in development. The Descendants could be one of these titles or a codename for the officially teased Resident Evil 5 remake and Resident Evil 9. Prewitt’s previous role as a Resident Evil villain also gives the theory more weight. 

Alternatively, The Descendants may have nothing to do with Resident Evil. Some speculate it’s a live-service multiplayer title, though the theory is suspect since Capcom hasn’t announced any multiplayer titles in development. After the lukewarm reception to Exporimal, despite commercial success, Capcom may want to focus on its more established franchises.

Whatever The Descendants turns out to be, fans will wait in bated breath until its official reveal. 

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