Who did Hikaru Nakamura marry? Here’s what we know

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Top chess player Hikaru Nakamura is often in the headlines around the chess world, but the news of Hikaru Nakamura being married certainly stands out.

Fans of the highly-ranked grandmaster were surprised to hear news of the marriage on social media, and many were left scrambling to learn more. Here’s what we know.

Is Hikaru Nakamura married?

Hikaru Nakamura is married to Atousa Pourkashiyan, an Iranian-American chess player. Pourkashiyan shares a link to Nakamura through their mastery of the game of chess. Pourkashiyan achieved the rank of woman grandmaster in 2009, showing her exceptional level of play. Nakamura is also known for his chess mastery, being a grandmaster with many tournament victories to his name.

The couple’s relationship was not a matter of public knowledge prior to the marriage announcement. Despite living a very public life as a popular streamer and touring chess professional, Nakamura has rarely if ever spoken to his romantic interests publicly. Thus, many fans were surprised to hear the news.

Hikaru Nakamura being married is unlikely to change his professional pursuits, ranging from chess to streaming. If anything, Pourkashiyan may help to elevate his chess game with her own expertise.

Nakamura continues winning ways

Nakamura has been open about the benefits of playing pro chess with less stress and fewer expectations on his shoulders since becoming a streamer. With streaming being the main source of his income, chess has become a more casual affair for the American chess champion. And that is to his benefit.

Nakamura has been in peak form over the past few years, climbing to #2 in the classical rankings and winning several big championships, beating top rival Magnus Carlsen along the way.

The news of his marriage is just the latest success for a streaming and chess star who continues to be on the rise.

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