WWE’s Randy Orton cheated for his beloved Elden Ring character

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When it comes to Elden Ring, WWE wrestler Randy Orton cheated not only the game but himself.

Elden Ring enjoyed explosive popularity and that was seen with the vast number of big names who were playing the game. It wasn’t just streamers like Felix “xQc” Lengyel and Ludwig “Ludwig” Ahgren though, mainstream celebrities admitted to loving the game. The likes of Elon Musk and Samuel L. Jackson discussed their travails on social media.

While he wasn’t necessarily the biggest name to discuss Elden Ring, Randy Orton grinding his character past level 500 greatly impressed fans. Unfortunately, fans are now finding out that Randy Orton isn’t actually the secret identity of Let Me Solo Her. He actually paid big bucks to get a wildly over-leveled character.

Mace Mansoor
Mace and Mansoor in WWE.

Released WWE wrestlers out Randy Orton for paying for Elden Ring runes

A pair of former WWE wrestlers claim that Randy Orton paid $1,000 for free levels in Elden Ring.

The WWE recently culled dozens of wrestlers and an unknown number of backstage staffers after merging with the UFC. It’s not uncommon to have explosive allegations and dirty laundry being aired when the company makes mass releases, but one of the more surprising ones came from the ex-Maximum Male Models Mansoor and Mace. Mace maintains a presence across social media and discussed Randy Orton’s love of and impatience with Elden Ring.

“Randy comes up to us and he goes ‘hey, you guys like video games, right? I was sitting in my tour bus playing Elden Ring…game is f—–g hard. I paid a guy like $1,000 to give me infinite runes so I could just level up to 100 right away,’” they recounted.

They further joked about the paradoxical nature of Randy Orton’s love of Elden Ring and his unwillingness to actually play it at a typical pace.

Orton was previously known to enjoy video games, albeit not for the best reasons. In 2019 he made his first appearance on Twitch playing Call of Duty and garnered controversy for saying a racial slur. Prior to this, he appeared on gaming-themed WWE YouTube channel Up Up Down Down.

Does Randy Orton stream on Twitch?

Randy Orton does not stream on Twitch. Or at the very least, he doesn’t stream using his actual name.

While the man behind the RKO has controversially appeared on Twitch in the past, he doesn’t actually have his own channel. His lone appearance came on one run by a friend who has a wrestling-themed channel. Though many wrestlers both in and out of the WWE stream regularly, Orton is not among them.

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