2K explains WWE wrestler ratings, why Logan Paul is great in 2K24

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A WWE 2K24 producer revealed the method behind the madness of WWE 2K’s controversial rating system and discussed how hands-on the Fed is with the developers’ process.

WWE 2K24 launched to a generally favorable reception from fans, citing improvements made to the gameplay, smoother animations, and improved chaining between moves. However, criticisms from previous titles like janky hair animation and some outdated wrestler gimmicks persist in WWE 2K24.  A more subjective, but inescapable, criticism that dominated the discussion for WWE 2K24 centers around the controversial rating logic.

Developers rated wrestlers on a scale of 1-100 based on their relative skills and accolades. As expected, fans flocked to defend their favorite wrestler’s rating on the card. Recently, WWE 2K24 producer Bryan Williams explained the process behind the controversial rating system. Though he didn’t touch on the most controversial names, he provided some logic for why the rankings are as they are.

Does WWE tell 2K games what ratings wrestlers should have?

A 2K Games producer said that WWE had effectively no say in the wrestler ratings for WWE 2K24, or any other game in the series.

He states the team analyzes a wrestler’s career trajectory from the previous year to the current release, including factors such as win-loss ratios and championship reigns. While “not everybody can be Roman Reigns,” referring to the current Undisputed WWE Universal Champion, he says it is “no slight on anybody” if they aren’t ranked highly. However, fans take umbrage with certain WWE 2K24 ratings regardless of who is calling the shots.

Logan Paul, true to his standing with fans, boasts one of the most controversial ratings with a whopping 90. The rating puts him only a few points below main-eventers like Seth Rollins, Cody Rhodes, and Roman Reigns. Perhaps most egregiously, Logan Paul ranks higher than iconic wrestlers such as Kurt Angle and some iterations of Stone Cold Steve Austin. 

Meanwhile, Logan Paul has only held the United States Championship for 136 days. While impressive in its own right for a part-time wrestler, many fans claim he shouldn’t anywhere near any iteration of legendary figures like Angle or Stone Cold. 

How do I change WWE 2K24 Superstar ratings?

Players are able to change the ratings for every wrestler in WWE 2K24 through the Edit Superstars menu.

Under the Roster option, they can select Edit Superstars to change a wrestler’s attributes, with their overall rating being one of them. However, these changes will not apply to online play to avoid balance issues. 

Ultimately, these ratings are the opinions of game developers, even if they are rooted in objective metrics. WWE video games are notorious for already being outdated by the time they ship, with freshly released titles having wrestlers that changed looks, gimmicks, or moves months prior to launch. If a player has a problem with a particular wrestler’s ratings, they can easily change it through the Options menu. 

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