3rd streamer attacked on Twitch surrounding TwitchCon Paris

TwitchCon Paris 2023 had already seen multiple incidents of violence and another one played out surrounding the event’s final day with German streamer EinSebastian getting attacked in front of his audience.

Twitch was hoping that the reveal of the new Stories and Discover Feed features were going to be the most-talked-about things at its latest convention. Instead, the theme of the event seems to be IRL streams going sideways after a bystander believes they’re being filmed. Three separate incidents of violence have occurred on-air around TwitchCon, with the latest being the scariest one yet.

During the stream, EinSebastian took a seat outside a hotel and began talking with his chat. While doing so, he rotates his camera around to the other side of the street while laughing. An individual who was walking by at the time objects to this, points at him while shouting, and moves toward him.

The stream goes dark for a time and when it restarts, EinSebastian can be seen running while looking over his shoulder. He was seemingly unhurt from the confrontation but this continues a worrying pattern.

EinSebastian, Knut, and breakJ attacked during IRL streams at TwitchCon Paris 2023

Alongside EinSebastian, Knut “Knut” Spildrejorde and breakJ have also had incidents play out in front of their audience during IRL streams at TwitchCon Paris.

The first one impacted by this was IRL streamer and bodybuilder Knut. While doing a stream with a group, an individual can be seen moving in from behind them while holding something in their hand. The individual approaches the group and has a short discussion with them. A short time later, Knut says that the object in their hand was a knife wrapped in cloth.

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An individual with a possible weapon was seen behind Knut’s group.

After, breakJ was on the bad end of a different confrontation. While walking the streets, he came upon a group that aggressively questioned him before things turned physical.

The streamer stated on Instagram he was punched as the group tried to take his camera. He ran into a nearby McDonald’s restaurant and contacted police. He didn’t suffer any serious injuries from the confrontation. Twitch hasn’t issued any kind of statement about these incidents. 

When is the next TwitchCon?

The next TwitchCon event is TwitchCon Las Vegas 2023. As the name suggests, it will take place at the Las Vegas Convention Center from October 20 to 22. As always, the event will feature a game expo, community panels, and a “Creator Camp” designed to help upstart streamers improve their content.

TwitchCon Las Vegas is the first North American installment of the event that will take place outside California. The company will likely be hoping that things run a bit more smoothly on its next trip.

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