After another Worlds title, is Faker the unquestioned GOAT?

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The latest accomplishment of Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok may be all that was needed to solidify the Korean star as the GOAT of not only League of Legends, but all of esports.

Faker’s reputation precedes him. He has been an elite player in competitive League of Legends for over a decade, with numerous accomplishments and championships to his name. But prior to this year, it had been some time since Faker last rose to the very top of the world’s professional stage in LoL.

Today, that changed. Faker and his T1 teammates won the 2023 World Championship. What does that mean for the player’s legacy?

Faker is the LoL GOAT after Worlds 2023 win

It’s hard to argue with Faker being the LoL GOAT after he and his T1 squadmates won it all at Worlds 2023. It was the fourth World Championship victory for the player known as the Unkillable Demon King.

Faker had already made a strong case for the title. In addition to his three previous World Championship victories, he had also keyed two Mid-Season Invitational wins for T1, as well as numerous triumphs in the LCK, Korea’s top League of Legends competition.

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It had been some time since he had last stood atop the global stage, however. His most recent Worlds win prior to this year came all the way back in 2016, seven full years ago. That’s a long time by any measure, and it’s nearly an eternity in esports.

By winning the 2023 World Championship, T1 has reestablished itself as the class of pro League of Legends. And the key to that is the team’s mid laner Faker. Consistent, reliably, and still sometimes flashy, there’s no more valuable player in the game.

Will T1 roster stay together for 2024 LCK season?

It may be a bittersweet win for T1 at Worlds 2023, as rumors have consistently painted this as the side’s last opportunity to play together with many expecting the team’s roster to break apart prior to the 2024 LCK season. Sad as it may be for T1 fans, it could also be inevitable.

If that ends up being the case, there is no better way to go out than on top. T1 returned to the top of the LCK in 2023, and it followed that up by returning to the very top of the League of Legends professional scene at the 2023 World Championship.

No matter what the 2024 season may hold for Faker and his T1 teammates, there’s no taking away these accomplishments and what they mean.

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Written by Jared Wynne

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