Here’s how the leaked first-person mode works in Fortnite

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According to recent leaks, Epic Games’ popular title Fortnite might be getting a first-person mode in Chapter 5. But how is it going to work?

Fortnite has recently had to bear the brunt of multiple leaks, including three brand-new collaborations being leaked prior to hitting in the near future. It looks like the leaks aren’t over yet, as new information has been made available and this time it’s about the much-awaited first-person mode. 

First-person mode has been rumored to be in the works in Fortnite for the past two years, but now there’s a real chance of it actually releasing soon. Leaker NotJulesDev, who has accurately leaked Fortnite events and cosmetics in the past, claims that the game will be getting a new first-person mode in the next chapter of the game.

When is first-person mode coming to Fortnite?

While not officially confirmed, it’s very likely that Fortnite’s first-person mode will be released sometime in Chapter 5, allowing players to play the game from a new perspective.

Epic Games hasn’t yet made any announcements regarding the official release date of Chapter 5 despite the map details having been leaked, but multiple Fortnite leakers have claimed that the date might be December 3. 

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The new mode might come as part of the new chapter, as Fortnite has a tendency to introduce new mechanics in every chapter. Chapter 4’s introduction of mantling and hurdling is a prime example of that. Because of how many fans have been eagerly anticipating first-person mode, it might also be officially announced on the day of The Game Awards since it has been confirmed that the event will be streaming in-game in Fortnite.

If first-person mode isn’t released at the start of Chapter 5, then it might be released in Chapter 5’s Season 2 instead. The release date of that season has also apparently been leaked to be March 8.

Will the first-person mode on Fortnite be available in Creative mode?

Fortnite’s first-person mode will apparently also be coming to the game’s Creative mode, if leaks are to be believed.

According to the same date miner, Fortnite’s upcoming first-person mode will cost 1,451 memory in Creative. This means it will use 1,451 out of the 10,000 memory that players are provided when making creative maps.

Additionally, it will be possible to toggle the mode on and off through an in-game device, indicating that to use this mode, players will have to acquire the in-game usable device. Alternatively, they might also be referring to a sort of terminal that can be interacted with to enter or exit first-person mode.

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