New Fortnite map for Chapter 5 is leaked, and fans aren’t happy

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Fortnite Chapter 5’s map has been leaked, and some fans might have lost their excitement for the new season because of it.

Fortnite’s popularity in 2023 might be questionable, but it remains Epic Games’ biggest title to date. In the build to the game’s Chapter 5 update, Fortnite saw a major leak from an insider that shows an entirely new map designed for the upcoming chapter. That new chapter is expected to be released around December of this year.

Though there hasn’t been any official word on the map and its places of interest yet, the leaked picture can give people a glimpse of which biomes to expect. It’s also a good opportunity to estimate the size of the map.

What’s in the Fortnite Chapter 5 map leak?

The Fortnite leak revealed that the Chapter 5 map is codenamed “Helios,” and that it will be smaller, more grounded, and more varied in terrain when compared to the current map. It will also have a small snow biome alongside your standard grassy areas. 

Strangely enough, there seems to be a lack of places of interest. This is likely due to the fact that the leak shows the map in its earlier stages of development, meaning that additional places of interest could still be added in as development continues.

It seems as though the Chapter 5 map will use the water models that were present in Chapter 2, as well as the grass models that were present in Chapter 4. Some roof and coast terrain textures have also been making rounds on social media.

Fans think that this new map leak resembles the map that was present in Fortnite’s Chapter 2, which was released on October 15, 2019. When you consider how Fortnite Chapter 2 had its fourth anniversary a few weeks ago and add the fact that Epic brought back Chapter 1 recently, it makes complete sense for the next update to be related to Chapter 2.

Will there be more Fortnite Chapter 5 leaks?

There will likely be even more leaks featuring additional information as Fortnite Chapter 5’s release date edges closer. 

Twitter User “PeQu,” who is a highly trusted insider in the Fortnite community, claims that they’ll be posting more Fortnite Chapter 5 leaks soon. As of right now, the map art is the largest leak that has come out.

There have been other minor alleged leaks like grind rails, ice grenades, and the anvil launcher returning in Chapter 5. However, those leaks have yet to be confirmed.

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