How to start or join a Mario Bros. Wonder multiplayer session

mario bros wonder multiplayer

Super Mario Bros. Wonder is here with a unique brand of multiplayer, but it’s not immediately obvious how to join or start a session in the game. Thankfully, it’s not hard.

There have been plenty of Mario games over the years but Wonder is a unique one. The game steers into wackiness, with Mario and his friends turning into everything from elephants to platforms during a playthrough. It also takes a different approach to multiplayer, offering some online fun.

This new world of Mario offers an experience that many will want to try and it is great with friends and families alike. The game offers both local and online multiplayer, where players can party with friends wherever they are in the world, with a bit of a twist.

mario bros wonder elephant playable characters

How to start a multiplayer session in Super Mario Bros. Wonder

Players can join a room or create one to play with others in Super Mario Bros. Wonder. Multiplayer can make any Mario game 10 times better, especially when playing with family and friends. Super Mario Bros. Wonder online multiplayer is different than fans might expect, with players having the ability to see what others are doing, similar to Dark Souls but with the ability to directly help others.

However, sometimes it can be confusing when trying to get into a game with other players. Following these steps to get into a game with friends:

  1. First, create a room by opening the world map and pressing the + button to access the main menu
  2. Select “Play Online” at the very bottom of the screen
  3. Press X
  4. Select “Create a Room”

Much like battle and trade codes in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, players are able to enter a four-digit code that serves a password for the room. Those looking to join a Mario Bros. Wonder multiplayer session can do so using a similar method.

How to join a multiplayer game in Super Mario Bros. Wonder

Players can join a friend’s multiplayer session in Super Mario Bros. Wonder by inputting the passcode that a friend used to create the room.

When joining a room in the game, players take similar steps to get into a room. Once a room has been created, players can follow the steps below to join. 

  1. Press X to open the main menu
  2. Select “Play Online” and then X to play with others.
  3. Select Find a Room.
  4. From this list, players can pick their friend’s room
  5. Enter a password if one is needed

Super Mario Bros Wonder has many different characters that players can select. While Mario Bros. Wonder’s multiplayer works differently from other games in the series, there’s still a lot to enjoy.

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