Rocket League x Cars: All there is to know about the collab

lightning mcqueen in cars

Rocket League is adding Lightning McQueen from Pixar’s Cars film and the excitement is palpable.

Rocket League might be facing some backlash from fans thanks to the company’s removal of trading between players, but it remains highly popular. One thing players have been asking for since it first came out is the addition of Lightning McQueen, the main character in the popular Cars films. It has finally happened.

The game’s official YouTube channel uploaded a video revealing a collaboration with Pixar’s Cars franchise. Who better to spearhead the collaboration than Disney’s leading anthropomorphic stock car?

What’s in the Rocket League and Cars collaboration?

The Rocket League and Cars collaboration is bringing several cosmetics including an actual Lightning McQueen car. The Lightning McQueen car will be the game’s first car to feature dynamic expressions. McQueen looks around the arena when players drive slowly and narrow his eyes when moving fast.

In addition to Lightning McQueen coming to the game, this collaboration also features three different versions of the Route 66 icon. Those versions are the Rust-eze Decal, the Cruisin’ Decal, and the Dinoco Decal.

If that wasn’t enough, the Lightning McQueen Rocket League bundle will also give players three sets of wheels and the “Life Is A Highway” Player Anthem by Rascal Flatts to make Cars central to their experience. Finally, there is a Ka-chow Goal Explosion to let players flex on opponents. Fans can expect to see a lot of Lightning McQueen in the Esports World Cup.

The crossover makes sense thematically as Cars is actually one of the most lucrative IPs in the world. Alongside the various films and the Planes spin-off franchise, there is overwhelming interest in Cars-licensed toys and merchandise. Estimates have placed the lifetime revenues for the Cars franchise above film monoliths like James Bond 007 and long-running toy brands like Transformers.

How long is Lightning McQueen available in Cars?

The Rocket League and Cars collaboration will be available starting November 7 and will end on November 21. When the event does end, those who purchased the bundle will keep all the event’s goodies. Those who miss the event’s deadline likely won’t get another chance to add Lightning McQueen to their garage.

The Rocket League and Cars collaboration is the latest in a push of collaborations with Disney. The game also recently featured cosmetics based on Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas, which is separately part of another push by Disney to highlight the film.

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