Here’s when the Silent Hill 2 remake comes out, according to a leak

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Konami hasn’t given players the release date for its upcoming Silent Hill 2 remake yet, but a possible leak hints that it’s actually coming fairly soon.

The Silent Hill 2 remake was announced in October as the first in what might be multiple Silent Hill remakes. It draws upon the smash-hit survival horror game from 2001 and attaches it to Bloober Team, of Layers of Fear and The Medium fame. Currently, Konami hasn’t made the release date public, however, a listing may give players a general idea of when it might hit stores., a website used to determine if a PC can run specific games, updated its profile for Silent Hill 2. This included a specific release date, which has since been removed.

When is the Silent Hill 2 remake being released?

The Silent Hill 2 remake is coming out on March 21, 2024, according to a now-changed database entry.

Silent Hill 2 Release Date Leak

PCGameBenchmark had an entry that specifically listed an “expected release on the 21st of March 2024.” Although it might just be a placeholder date, it’s an oddly specific date if that’s the case.

Typically, a game with an estimated release window will have a placeholder date set to the final day of that window. The Silent Hill 2 remake’s release window right now is just 2024, so the standard placeholder date would be December 31, 2024. If it was Q1 2024, the date should be March 31, 2024. This has Silent fans wondering if the release date may have been leaked.

As of writing this, the listing on the website has changed the date. It now shows the release date of the original Silent Hill 2 which dropped on September 24, 2001.

Some are taking the change as an admission of the leak, though there’s no sign that this is the case. Neither the website, Konami, nor Bloober Team have acknowledged the situation.

Konami has not made any announcements or provided any new information regarding Silent Hill 2 Remake’s release dates or other details. 

The original Silent Hill 2 was a third-person action game with tank controls, a standard for survival horror games of the time. Players filled the shoes of James Sunderland as he goes through the monster-infested city of Silent Hill in search of his late wife who passed away three years earlier, but mysteriously sent him a letter inviting him to Silent Hill. 

The only thing known right now thanks to the trailers shown so far is that there will be a huge fidelity upgrade. Given the massive popularity of the original game and the poor reception Silent Hill Ascension is getting, Konami will have to work hard to keep fans happy. If it can’t pull this off, it doesn’t bode well for the company’s decision to revive the franchise.

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