More Silent Hill remakes are coming, but which games will it be?

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Konami has plans to remake more Silent Hill titles after Bloober Team’s Silent Hill 2 remake and the big question now is which ones will get this treatment.

Ever since Konami announced its return to game development, the publisher has been deadset on making up for the years it missed. A long list of projects was announced including a remake of Metal Gear Solid 3 and a remaster of the first two Suikoden games. The first new project to come out has been Silent Hill: Ascension.

Other projects in the series include Silent Hill f, Silent Hill: Townfall, and most notably the Silent Hill 2 remake, all of which are still in development. Even so, Konami’s latest earnings report specifically cited Silent Hill “remakes” as part of the company’s development plans and that will seemingly lead to other classic horror games getting revived.

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Which Silent Hill games will get remakes?

Konami has indicated that it intends to remake a number of Silent Hill games, but the only confirmed remake so far is for Silent Hill 2.

While there are no specific titles mentioned, the use of the plural “remakes” strongly implies Konami’s interest in remakes beyond one game. Konami has likely seen the incredible success of Capcom with its Resident Evil remakes and EA’s remake of Dead Space and is hoping to do the same.

It should be noted that the last time Konami attempted to enhance the older games, it was met with mixed reactions. The Silent Hill HD Collection’s replacement of the original voiceovers and removal of fog changed the game’s atmosphere and tone, something that left many frustrated. The remasters received mixed reviews from critics and strongly negative reactions from fans.

Silent Hill 3 is the game most likely game to get a remake after Silent Hill 2. The game was the last in the series to receive strong reviews and is fondly remembered by fans. Silent Hill 4: The Room and Silent Hill: Homecoming were both regarded as a step down for the series, but weren’t critical flops like some of their successors. The original game has also been reimagined several times over and could be in line for a remake.

When is Silent Hill 2 Remake coming out?

There is no official release date for Silent Hill 2 Remake, but Bloober claims the project is nearing completion.

While there has been speculation about an imminent release, no official announcement has been made about when Silent Hill 2 is coming out. Bloober Team CEO Pitor Babieno stated that the game is effectively ready for release but the actual release schedule is out of his company’s hands and will be handled by Bloober Team’s partners, which could be either Konami or Sony.

Konami and Silent Hill have a lot of competition nowadays. Former rival Resident Evil is still going strong and a resurgence of other IPs such as Alan Wake and Dead Space has seen horror fans flush with AAA games to play. Konami will also have to try and win fans back after a long list of poorly received games and the high-profile divorce from Metal Gear creator and would-be Silent Hills director Hideo Kojima.

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