A Bloodborne movie is all but official, here’s what we know

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A Bloodborne sequel might be in the works, but it might actually be a movie instead of a video game.

Bloodborne was released on PlayStation 4 in March 2015 to overwhelming critical acclaim. Despite this, Sony hasn’t made any comment about the future of the title. There have been no indications that Bloodborne will ever be ported to another system, will ever receive a native re-release on PlayStation 5, or will even have a 60 FPS patch similar to what Dark Souls 3 has gotten.

That might change, though. Daniel “DanielRPK” Richtman is known primarily for leaking information regarding Marvel Comics-related media, primarily new TV shows in the franchise. But recently, DanielRPK reported that a Bloodborne movie is coming.

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Will there be a Bloodborne movie?

A notable Hollywood news reporter states that Sony Pictures is working on a Bloodborne movie.

DanielRPK claims to have details on a Bloodborne movie. Included in the leak was a short list of names attached to the film and a short synopsis of the plot.

Just like the game, the Bloodborne movie is reportedly set in the “Gothic, Victorian-era-inspired city of Yharnam” where a bloodborne illness is transforming the citizenry into beasts. The main character is seeking the source of the plague but winds up dealing with “cosmic beings,” according to the summary. 

Alongside this is a list of names involved in the Bloodborne movie including the studio, production company, producer, and writer. The leak indicates that Lorenzo di Bonaventura will be the producer for the upcoming Bloodborne movie. Bonaventura is known for working on the various Transformers and G.I. Joe films. Darren Lemke, who worked on the Shazam! film and Wheel of Time television series, is said to be the writer.

There is no estimated release window, discussion regarding how far along the film is into development, or discussion of actors. Neither Sony Pictures nor any of the individuals linked to Bloodborne movie by the leaker have confirmed that it exists.

Will there be a Bloodborne 2?

There is no confirmation that a Bloodborne 2 or any re-release of the original Bloodborne is coming. This claim from a notable Hollywood leaker is the first positive sign regarding the game’s future in some time, however.

Sony has a history of cross-promotion between its PlayStation and film projects. Bloodborne going untouched for years makes more sense if Sony is planning a cross-media mobilization surrounding a film release. A Bloodborne movie could be the greatest hope fans have when it comes to seeing a PC port of the game, a remaster for the PlayStation 5, or an actual Bloodborne 2. FromSoftware has also been increasing its staff, which strongly suggests that new projects are starting.

It isn’t a guarantee that a new Bloodborne game would be made even if the report on a movie is true, however. Until an official statement is made, fans can only hope that Sony wants to create more media for the game. The good news is that there is a strong “Plan B” to Bloodborne in Lies of P, which actually has a confirmed sequel already.

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