FromSoftware is on a hiring spree, but what game is it working on?

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Elden Ring creator FromSoftware has been on a talent acquisition spree, but does this mean that we’ll be seeing games like Dark Souls 4, Bloodboorne 2, or a Sekiro sequel? Here’s what is known.

The gaming industry is notorious for seasonal hiring, especially in art departments. A surge in recent hirings by FromSoftware could mean the company is gearing up for a big new project. This move has been months in the works, with FromSoftware’s parent company saying in May that “FromSoftware aims to further strengthen its development capabilities by increasing personnel.”

FromSoftware is known for releasing blockbuster, critically acclaimed games at a breakneck pace. The developer still has Elden Ring DLC cooking and recently released Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon. That’s a lot on its own but the plan is for the studio to produce even more games moving forward.

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What is FromSoftware working on right now?

FromSoftware is working on the Elden Ring DLC expansion called Shadow of the Erdtree, with no other projects officially announced. It is unknown what else might be in the works from the studio but there are some hints about what could be in the pipeline, particularly as it relates to DLC for existing games.

Armored Core V received several pieces of DLC during its life including skins, music packs, and more. All DLCs were additive but didn’t provide any additional story. The recent FromSoftware hirings list several art design and graphic design job descriptions. Armored Core 6 could also receive more DLC down the line, but nothing has been confirmed.

Elden Ring: Shadow of the Ertree concept art

No official release date has been announced for the Shadow of the Erdtree. The DLC was announced on February 28, 2023 but there have been no new details about the upcoming expansion since then. 

Could FromSoftware be working on Bloodborne 2, Dark Souls 4, a new Sekiro, or anything else?

FromSoftware has no new projects announced, but a senior-level employee has an unannounced project listed on their LinkedIn.

Kenneth Chan was a producer and director at FromSoftware for almost a decade. They served as a co-director on Armored Core VI and as a lead game designer on Elden Ring. Chan has a mysterious, unannounced project that they are currently tackling. The project has been in the works since 2022 with Chan listed as a producer. Unfortunately, there’s no actual word on what that project might be.

Fans are hopeful for a sequel or revival for the many different recent FromSoftware blockbusters. Dark Souls 4, Bloodborne 2, Sekiro 2, or Demon’s Souls 2 are the dream for most fans. An Elden Ring sequel or follow-up is also likely to come out at some point.

It’s worth remembering that FromSoftware increasing its development efforts doesn’t necessarily mean it will make more AAA games. While FromSoftware’s profile grew off the success of Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls, the studio was long known for churning out smaller releases. This included regular sequels for its own IPs like King’s Field and Armored Core, making spin-offs for other IPs like Monster Hunter, and releasing random exclusives like Otogi: Myth of Demons and Lost Kingdoms.

It’s possible that this FromSoftware expansion is meant to allow it to produce those kinds of games again, rather than exclusively focusing on a single massive release every year or two. Ultimately, fans will ahve to wait and find out.

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