Lies of P 2 has been confirmed, here’s everything we know

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Fans of Soulslike games and dark fantasy in general will be happy to know that Lies of P 2 has officially been confirmed. 

Lies of P was released in September 2023 and quickly became a fan favorite, with some fans deeming it almost as good as FromSoftware games. The game has sold 1 million copies within one month of release and is officially confirmed to be getting a new DLC expansion soon. The developers are hard at work making the DLC for the game, but the company has sights on the future as well.

With so much success and critical acclaim, it was only inevitable that development studio Neowiz would announce a Lies of P sequel sooner rather than later. There were rumors of a sequel being in the works early on, but now the company has confirmed it’s actively focused on spinning Lies of P into becoming a true franchise with another entry.

Lies of P 2 has been confirmed by its game director

Lies of P is confirmed to be getting a sequel.

In a video letter published on YouTube, game director Choi Ji-Won thanked the fans and officially announced Lies of P 2. Choi thanked the fans for the game’s success, gave a sneak peek into the upcoming DLC, and said the company is looking toward the future.

“Our highest priority is developing the DLC and working on our sequel,” Choi said.

The statement shows the dedication of the developers towards Lies of P and their willingness to make it an even better game. The game has seen several patches, with the biggest one tweaking the difficulty to make the game a little easier during certain parts.

When is the Lies of P sequel coming out?

There is no estimated release date for Lies of P 2 or the DLC for Lies of P. Fans shouldn’t expect one to come out any time soon, either.

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Neowiz is still handling post-release updates for Lies of P including balance changes and difficulty scaling. Creating the DLC for Lies of P would likely be the next major project for the company from there. Even once those are done, creating Lies of P 2 could be a yearslong process.

The good news is that Neowiz seems to be aggressively recruiting staff. The company actually spoiled the Lies of P DLC announcement with a job listing, and the developer update made an explicit call for job applicants. The cycle could be quicker, but there’s still a lot of work to be done by the team.

What is the Lies of P 2 story?

The Lies of P 2 story will seemingly revolve around the Wizard of Oz, moving to a more modern fairy tale than

There is a huge hint in the post-credits scene in Lies of P, which might indicate where the story will go. Players who have beaten the game might remember seeing ruby red shoes in the post-credit scene. The shoes bore a striking resemblance to another popular fictional character, Dorothy, from The Wizard of Oz. Any doubt is removed when an unnamed character says,

“When I return, I will find her. For sure. Another key of hours. Dorothy,” Philippus Paracelsus says.

Game director Choi also stated that the development team is putting much work into the franchise, brainstorming new ideas, and exploring where the sequel might take the story.

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