Here’s how Vampire Survivors’ adventures story mode will work

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The popular survival shoot ’em up Vampire Survivors is set to add something akin to a story mode with the upcoming Adventures Update in patch 1.8.

Previous free updates to Vampire Survivors have typically revolved around the addition of new gameplay features. For example, the game’s recent Chilling Update added snow-themed stages, new weapons, and characters. Update 1.8 marks a notable departure from this pattern, as the Adventures Update is leveraging the game’s already present content to offer an entirely new, lore-focused take on the Vampire Survivors formula.

Does Vampire Survivors have a story mode?

Vampire Survivors will have a story mode with the launch of the Adventures Update.

According to the developer Poncle’s official website, the Adventures Update promises to deliver a series of chapters filled with custom challenges and missions, complete with lore-rich rewards that tie together to weave a cohesive narrative throughout each adventure. 

These chapters also liven up existing content, as they will use old environments and characters to construct new scenarios with unique progression paths and victory conditions. Some of the objectives that were shown include surviving for a certain amount of time or eliminating a certain number of enemies.

How to start adventures in Vampire Survivors

Unlocking adventures in Vampire Survivors requires the Atlas Gate Relic. Players can find this item early on in their journey in the Boss Rash stage.

Adventure Achievement Vampire Survivors

Some adventures will be exclusively available to players who have purchased the paid Legacy of the Moonspell DLC, so not all of them are free. As for the length, each of these adventures is designed to be completed in one to two hours. These are effectively mini-campaigns but there’s likely to be a degree of replayability to them as well.

Upon successfully completing an adventure, the game will reset the adventure and reward players with an “Ascension” Point. This point can be used to increase various in-game stats such as Luck and Growth, making future playthroughs more rewarding. In addition, completing each adventure earns players valuable coins that can be used in the main game to unlock relics in new ways. It’s important to note that relics serve as the sole bridge between adventure mode and the main game; there is no linked progression between the two modes other than relics and coins.

It also seems that adventures will be a core component of the Vampire Survivors experience going forward, as Poncle plans to release both free and paid DLC adventures in the future. Vampire Survivors has amassed an incredible number of positive reviews on Steam and keeps getting free content updates, further adding to its status as one of the best values in gaming.

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