Vampire Survivors rated Steam’s 3rd-best game, who beats it?

Vampire Survivors thumbs up

Vampire Survivors has reached 200,000 positive reviews on Steam, making it the third-highest-rated game on the platform. But which games beat it out? 

Steam gamers can be hard to please, so any game that garners this much praise has something going for it. Vampire Survivors was released in October 2022 and became an instant hit due to its unique auto-attacking gameplay and deep progression system. Since then, developer Poncle has released two pieces of DLC, which expanded the gameplay further. It’s been such a success that it ushered in a wave of auto-attack survival games and generated a whole subgenre of video games. 

Vampire Survivors is celebrating another milestone that many games can only dream of achieving. The game continues to enjoy strong player counts on Steam and widespread praise.

Vampire Survivors title screen

Vampire Survivors gets 200,000 positive reviews

In a tweet, Vampire Survivors developer Poncle announced the game reached 200,000 positive reviews on Steam

The developer thanked players for their support in making the game a massive success while highlighting some of the funnier reviews the game has received. Poncle also made a unique treasure chest animation to celebrate the milestone. 

Vampire Survivors ranks 24th on Steam in terms of how many reviews it has received. Blockbuster titles including Dying Light, Baldur’s Gate 3, and Subnautica rank higher. Terraria has more positive reviews than any other game on Steam, with 1,172,717 players giving it a thumbs-up.

What are the best games on Steam?

Portal 2, People Playground, and Vampire Survivors are rated as the best games on Steam according to user reviews.

Though Terraria has the most reviews of any game on Steam and enjoys enormous critical acclaim, it doesn’t have the best ratio of positive to negative reviews. Vampire Survivors boasts an impressive 97.4% positive rating on Steam, behind only Portal 2 and People Playground. The games have positive rating percentages of 97.7% and 97.5%, respectively. Other games that enjoy similarly high ratings include Hades, Rimworld, and Half-Life: Alyx.

Vampire Survivors wasn’t the first auto-attacking Roguelike game, but it brought the genre into the limelight. The smooth gameplay, deep progression system, and old-school graphics made gamers fall in love with the game.

The game jumped to the fore thanks to a combination of several key factors. Vampire Survivors has a very low price tag of just $5 before any sales. It has also been consistently rated as one of the best games to play on the Steam Deck, a platform that it rose to prominence alongside.

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