Quickplay is coming to League of Legends, here’s how it works

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Riot Games has finally provided details about Quickplay, the upcoming game mode set to replace Blind Pick in League of Legends. 

Blind Pick has been a staple game mode for a decade and remains active to this day. It serves as a playground for newcomers, casual players, and individuals looking to try new champions without the fear of losing precious ELO, as well as a landing spot for LoL players banned from ranked. That isn’t stopping Riot Games from nixing it, though.

Players will soon bid farewell to Blind Pick as it makes way for a new game mode aimed at bringing players into the rift as quickly as possible. Here’s everything that’s known about Quickplay and when it’s coming to League of Legends

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League of Legends is removing Blind Pick for Quickplay

The new Quickplay game mode is scheduled to arrive later in October 2023, and it will replace Blind Pick. Quickplay differentiates itself from other game modes by not having a champion select phase.

Riot developers have recently shared details in a recent developer update alongside new champions, Blue Essence Emporium, and Skarner’s Rework. Quickplay retains the stress-free and low-stakes nature of Blind Pick, but allows players to dive right into the game using their preferred champion and role. The new game mode will work similarly to the “Team Builder” mode which was first introduced in 2014.

Unlike any other Summoner’s Rift game, players will be able to skip the tedious champion selection. Instead, players will be prompted to pre-select their preferred champions and roles before joining the queue. When a game is found, they will immediately dive head-first into Summoner’s Rift.

Quickplay also features a modified surrender system, with the surrender requirement reduced from 15 minutes to 10 minutes, enabling players to exit a game early if it’s not in their favor and quickly hop into another.

Quickplay champion, role select system

Quickplay requires League of Legends players to pick their preferred champion and role right when they queue. The requirements vary based on whether they are in a party and if so, what size the party is. Here is how it’s broken down:


  • Two unique champions
  • Two unique positions
  • Minimum of one priority position

Parties of two to four 

  • All solo rules apply to each player
  • Minimum of one unique champion per player across the party
  • Primary slot selections must be unique across the party (champion and position)

Parties of five

  • No Secondary choices required
  • One unique champion and position per player across the party

This setup allows players to have their preferred champion and a fallback plan should a teammate select them. Riot also built protections into the system to ensure party members don’t all select the same champion, and players can’t prioritize the same roles or champions. All of this is avoided in a party of five players, as players can guarantee their role and position.

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When is Quickplay coming to League of Legends?

League of Legends Quickplay is scheduled to arrive on the PBE in Patch 13.21 on October 25, 2023. It does not have an official release date for live servers yet. Players looking to try it out ASAP can sign up for PBE access.

In upcoming patches, Quickplay will hit the live servers from one region to another in a staggered way. When it’s out, players can immediately enter the queue and enjoy the game mode solo or with friends. 

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