Here’s the best way to farm gold in Vampire Survivors

vampire survivors gold farm

New Vampire Survivors players, including those getting the game on Nintendo Switch, will quickly find themselves trying to figure out the best way to farm gold.

The indie roguelike first caught fire on Steam Early Access in 2021 and has since become the obsession of gamers across many platforms. With Vampire Survivors jumping to Nintendo’s console-handheld hybrid, a whole new audience is ready to sink its teeth into the reverse bullet hell.

Just like in real life, money makes the monster-infested world of Vampire Survivors go ‘round. And while new players may struggle with collecting coinage, true veterans have tried and tested methods for building their horde.

The best way to farm gold in Vampire Survivors

The best way to farm gold in Vampire Survivors is to play on the Bone Zone level with a specific Arcana combination after unlocking Hyper, Limit Break, Inverse, and Endless.

The base character doesn’t particularly matter, but the more powerful the better. If Queen Sigma has been unlocked she should always be the go-to, but other sufficiently powerful characters such as Red Death will get the job done.

The real trick is the Arcana build, a potent combination of Disco of Gold (XV) and Sarabande of Healing (VI). Disco enables Gold Fever whenever gold is picked up, which causes enemies to have a massively increased chance to drop more gold while also making gold restore health. Sarabande doubles all healing and causes any health restored to damage nearby enemies.

Vampire Survivors gold fever

This potent synergy offsets the Bone Zone’s lack of healing items while turning all enemies into pinatas full of gold. If coupled with the Vicious Hunger weapon, a powerful tool that has a chance to turn defeated enemies into gold coins, players have the ability to get infinite Gold Fever and infinite healing as a result. At this stage, the player can feel free to do their laundry, take out the garbage, or play the latest Pokemon ROM Hack as gold pours in.

When boredom kicks in, players can quit the level and Scrooge McDuck their way through piles of booty. Or spend it on Golden Eggs like some kind of beanstalk-dwelling giant.

What stat influences gold drops in Vampire Survivors?

The greed stat directly affects the amount of gold the player receives.

Greed is good, particularly in Vampire Survivors. It’d be natural to assume that the character whose greed levels the fastest is the optimum character for farming gold but that’s not quite true. 

Vampire Survivors Big Trouser

Big Trouser, the secret merchant character unlockable in the Moongolow, starts any given run with a 20% boost to his greed and will gain an extra uncapped 1% with every level. Unfortunately, the rest of his stats are dreadful to the point where it’s difficult to farm without being swamped by angry monsters. The way to increase those stats is via Golden Eggs, which are bought with gold coins. Though players can farm gold in order to boost up Big Trouser, that’s not necessarily the most efficient approach.

Which Vampire Survivor’s Stage is Best to Farm Gold?

Vampire Survivors players can farm gold most efficiently in the Bone Zone.

No, that’s not a euphemism. The skeleton-infested level is the best place for any budding gold miner. This is due to the fact that light sources are guaranteed to spawn gold instead of health. When entering, ensure that Hyper, Limit Break, Inverse and Endless are all unlocked and enabled for this expedition into the graveyard.

By putting together this level with these abilities, any powerful character can turn into a mint. Players can ultimately play the game at their leisure and bring in some gold as a result, but this option is exponentially more lucrative.

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Written by Brandon Collins

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