WolfeyVGC is out of 2023 Pokemon World Championship on Day 1

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Wolfe “WolfeyVGC” Glick’s run in the 2023 Pokemon VGC World Championship came to a quick close after he was eliminated from day one of the event.

The competitive Pokemon veteran enjoyed one of the best overall seasons of his professional career, placing in the top 16 of seven events including a first-place finish in the Orlando Regional. That didn’t translate to success at the VGC World Championship, however. WolfeyVGC was eliminated from the first day of competition with a 4-3 record.

His games were kept off-stream until the very end, forcing fans to largely keep up with his results through bracket info. He revealed that he lost the first two games on Twitter, which put him in a precarious position in the Swiss format used in the World Championship. He confirmed that he had been eliminated from the event on Twitter after losing a game during the broadcast..

What happened to WolfeyVGC at Worlds?

WolfeyVGC was eliminated from the 2023 Pokemon World Championship on the first day of VGC competition.

He started the event with back-to-back losses which put him into a position where he would likely need to win all his games for the rest of the day in order to advance. He evened his score to 2-2 with wins over Brazil’s Leandro Ferreira and Japan’s Yoshikazu Sawane. In a brutal twist, WolfeyVGC was matched against his beastcoast teammate James Baek and advanced to 3-2 at his expense. This was followed by a win over Ashton Cox, who WolfeyVGC beat in the finals of the Orlando Regionals.

While he dug his way out of a deep hole, he faced an elimination match against Tang Shiliang in a rematch of the Hartford Regionals semifinals. Shiliang got the better of their match in Hartford and did so again in Yokohama, taking the win 2-1. This eliminated WolfeyVGC from the 2023 VGC World Championship with a 4-3 record.

The event will roll on without him as day two of the competition looms. Fans can also watch the Pokemon GO, Unite, or TCG championships and get promo codes for items like a hyper-rare Charizard card for the effort.

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What was Wolfe Glick’s team at Worlds 2023?

Wolfe Glick used a team composed of Amoonguss, Chi-Yu, Gyarados, Girafarig, Iron Hands, and Flutter Mane.

This year’s VGC World Championship was a particularly tough challenge for all competitors. A new competitive format was introduced weeks before the event, allowing players to use all non-restricted Pokemon in the Paldea Pokedex and all non-restricted Pokemon that could be transferred into the game via Pokemon HOME

This added a number of powerful Pokemon from past generations including Urshifu, Tornadus, and Landorus. Also among them were Pokemon never seen before in competitive play such as Basculegion, Ursaluna, and Enamorus. This forced players into a scramble to figure out the best teams with relatively limited time to refine them.

While losing is undoubtedly a difficult blow for Glick and everyone else who was eliminated on day one, there’s little time to recover. The 2024 Championship Series begins on September 8, 2023 with the Pittsburgh Regionals.

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