Here’s the hyper-rare Charizard-ex code in Pokemon TCG Live

charizard ex obsidian flames pokemon tcg

Pokemon TCG Live players have the chance to get a hyper-rare Charizard-ex from the Scarlet and Violet: Obsidian Flames expansion using a code from the 2023 Pokemon World Championship.

The Pokemon World Championships start on August 11. The event brings Pokemon fans the opportunity to collect many rewards across Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, GO, Unite, and the Pokemon TCG. Many fans who attend the event in person will benefit, but fans watching from home can get in on the action by getting rewards via Twitch.

The Pokemon Company is looking to increase the relevance of competitive Pokemon formats to casual fans. Pokemon TCG Live players arguably benefit the most from this, as they get guaranteed access to what will likely be the most sought-after card from the next expansion. 

Pokemon World Championship 2023

Charizard-ex code from Pokemon TCG World Championships

The code to get a free hyper-rare Charizard-ex in Pokemon TCG Live is CELEBRATEWCS23. Players can use this code in the Redeem section of the store, in the same way as if they were redeeming a code card.

Once players redeem the code, the Charizard-ex is added to their account. Pokemon TCG Live added the Obsidian Flames expansion just hours ahead of the code’s reveal, so the card is available for use in the Charizard-ex deck players get in the battle pass.

How to watch the 2023 Pokemon World Championships

Players can watch the 2023 Pokemon World Championships live on Twitch and YouTube. Official Pokemon channels will be broadcasting the event as it unfolds.

Players will want to tune in to watch the Pokemon World Championships live stream. Alongside the WCS Prediction event in Pokemon Unite, each game has different rewards including a Timed Research Ticket for Pokemon GO. Players of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet and Pokemon TCG Live will also benefit from some codes.

Trainers who play either Pokemon Scarlet or Pokemon Violet will receive a code to get a Cherish Ball Gastrodon based on the one used by Eduardo Cunha in the 2022 Pokemon VGC World Championship, which is a fantastic pick for a competitive team. This code can only be redeemed once.

That said, arguably the coolest reward Trainers will be able to get during the 2023 Pokemon World Championships is the hyper-rare Charizard-ex Pokemon TCG Live card.

Charizard-ex Obsidian Flames artwork

How to get Charizard-ex code for Pokemon TCG Live from 2023 World Championship

Players will get a special redemption code for a hyper-rare Charizard-ex card during the 2023 Pokemon TCG World Championship broadcast.

The code will be revealed during the broadcast of the Pokemon TCG competition. This Charizard-ex comes from the Scarlet and Violet Obsidian Flames expansion and is a dark-type Tera Pokemon. This card is stunning and will make a very nice addition to any Pokemon TCG Live collection and may prove to be great in decks as well.

It is unclear when the code will be revealed and how long it will be available for. Once it is shared, players can sign into their Pokemon TCG Live account and use the code through the in-game shop’s “Redeem” section. After submitting the code the card will be added directly to the player’s account. 

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