The best teams to pick for Pokemon Unite WCS Prediction Event

The WCS Prediction Event is now live in Pokemon Unite, allowing players to predict the best performers at the 2023 Pokemon World Championship and get rewards if they’re right.

Though Play Pokemon events are best known for the VGC play involving the mainline Pokemon games and the exciting TCG tournaments, there’s also a robust international circuit for Pokemon Unite. While The Pokemon Company hasn’t actually done much to encourage players to engage with its competitive scenes, Pokemon Unite is really emphasizing esports.

Alongside the Tinkaton Panic Parade LTM and the ongoing Mewtwo Crystal Cave Challenge, Pokemon Unite added the WCS Prediction Event, offering players the chance to earn some eye-catching trainer skins. All players need to do is pick the top three performers at the event, but that’s easier said than done.

Who to pick in Pokemon Unite WCS Prediction Event

The best teams to pick for Pokemon Unite’s WCS Prediction Event include Luminosity, Nouns Esports, TTV, and Talibobo Believers. The biggest question is who to leave out and how to order them. Here’s the breakdown of who to choose and why.

First Place- Talibobo Believers

Nothing is guaranteed in esports, but Talibobo Believers is the clear best choice for the first-place spot. The team has taken first in every event it has competed in, with the sole exception being the Pokemon Unite Championship Series 2023 April Finals where it finished in second.

Second Place- Nouns Esports

Nouns Esports has had an experience at the regional level similar to its sister team in Dota 2 esports. It’s regionally an A-tier team, but consistently falls short of its S-tier rival. Nouns finished second at the 2022 Pokemon World Championship to BLVKHAND, and finishing second behind Talibobo Believers has been the story of the team in 2023. There’s first-place potential, but there’s a lot of precedent here.

Third Place- Luminosity Gaming

The BLVKHVND team that won the world championship in 2022 is now sponsored by Luminosity Gaming. North America has been much more competitive than Europe, with Luminosity, TTV, Amaterasu, and Team YT all taking wins off each other. Any of those four teams could potentially place in the top three. The difference maker is that Luminosity is a proven team on the big stage.

The big story when it came to Pokemon Unite at the 2022 Pokemon World Championship event was the relative dominance of North America and Europe relative to the rest of the world. Nouns Esports sliced its way through the lower bracket after an upset at the hands of Japan’s T2, and the upper bracket saw BLVKHVND dominate all comers en route to the championship.

Europe and North America have the best practice conditions of any region and the most organizational support. While anything is possible, there’s reason to expect these two regions to dominate once again.

What’s the prize for WCS Prediction Event?

Players who make correct predictions in the Pokemon Unite WCS Prediction Event can win a case full of trainer skins. The prizes and rules were revealed in the Pokemon Unite game client.

Accurately picking a team to reach the top three awards three points. If the player accurately predicts where the team ranks, they receive an additional point. Players can win up to 12 points.

For example, players receive four points if they correctly predict TTV to take first place at the event. If they predict TTV to take first place and the team places second or third, they receive three points. If TTV finishes fourth or worse, they receive no points.

Anyone who gets 12 points receives 12 full outfits for their trainer. This includes the Excavation Set, Ranger Set, and 10 sets based on playable Pokemon. Earning four to 10 points earns Aeos Coins. Players who score three or fewer get Aeos Tickets. Players are guaranteed to get at least 300 Aeos Tickets, so there’s no reason not to lock in a prediction.

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