T1 coach claims Faker will return from injury before LCK playoffs

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There has been much consternation and worry over the potential return from injury for League of Legends pro player Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok. T1’s interim coach is now looking to dispel those worries.

In a recent interview, interim T1 head coach Im “Tom” Jae-hyeon offered new information to fans regarding Faker’s return and his status for the upcoming LCK playoffs.

Will Faker return to T1?

T1 coach Tom claims that Faker will return to T1 prior to the start of the LCK playoffs. This was a welcome suprise for fans of T1 and Faker, as the star player has been sidelined for several weeks now with an injury to his right arm. The injury was significant enough that fans were beginning to worry about the player’s future in the game.

Tom revealed that Faker had already been spending time with the team despite the injury to his right arm that has prevented him from playing. Tom said that Faker had been “coming to [LoL Par] often” to support his teammates and watch T1 compete in LCK games.

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Tom went on to say that Faker might return to pro play as soon as “next week,” and that it was assured that the star mid laner would be back in the game prior to the start of the LCK playoffs.

T1 needs Faker to have any chance in LCK playoffs

T1 will need Faker if the Korean side hopes to make a run in the LCK playoffs. T1 has struggled mightily during the 2023 LCK Summer Split, now holding a record of 7-9.

Tom’s comments came after the latest disaster for T1, a blowout loss to league-leading KT Rolster in which T1 was swept 2-0 and never looked to be in serious contention for a victory. Faker’s temporary replacement, mid laner Yoon “Poby” Seong-won, had a combined score of 0-7-3 across the two games.

Despite those struggles, T1 is still likely to make the LCK playoffs. The five teams behind T1 each have 11 or more series losses, so it would take a dramatic season-ending tumble for T1 not to make the summer playoffs. But unless they get their star player back soon, anything could happen.

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